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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: W

Ira Ernest Walker Papers

The Ira Ernest Walker papers comprise sermons, preaching records, and memoirs of a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and the Methodist Church. Beginning in 1923, Rev. Ira Ernest Walker (1891-1983) served charges in the Northwest Texas and Southwest Texas Annual Conferences. Extent: 3 boxes (1.25 linear feet) [Boxes 1017B-1018B]. Gift of Linda Vaughn Breaux, 2013. Collection MSA 120.

Aubrey G. Walton Papers

The Aubrey G. Walton papers document Bishop Walton’s work as the Methodist Bishop of the Louisiana Area, his involvement with international missions, and his role in the merger of Louisiana Conferences A and B. Extent: 13 boxes (8.5 linear feet) [Boxes 984A-991]. Gift of James Walton-Myers, 1998. Collection MSA 27.

James Ward Papers

James M. Ward served as professor of Old Testament at Perkins School of Theology from 1960-2001. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 631-633]. Collection STA 30.

Kate Warnick Papers

The Kate Warnick papers consist of papers, images, and artifacts documenting the history of Southern Methodist University, its theological library, and the career of librarian and museum curator Kate Warnick (1896-1993). The collection includes correspondence, photographs, news clippings, SMU publications, and information about special collections that Kate Warnick managed. Materials date from 1905 to 1980. Extent: 7 boxes (5 linear feet). [Boxes 572A-573C, 2154B]. Acquired. Collection BLA 4.

A. W. Wasson Papers

Papers, photographs, periodicals and books from Dr. Alfred Washington Wasson, who served as a missionary to Korea and professor of missiology. Extent: 8 boxes (8 linear feet) [Boxes 919-925 and 2188]. Collection STA 31.

Joseph Clinton Weaver Ministerial Records

Rev. J. C. Weaver (1846-1924) was a minister in the North Texas Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He was licensed to preach in 1869, ordained Deacon in 1872, ordained Elder in 1874, and remembered for his skill as a debater. The Joseph Clinton Weaver ministerial records comprise two manuscript ledgers and a book. One ledger contains research “notes on various points of controversy” used in debates and in sermons. The other ledger contains financial records and sermon notes. The book is a 1914 printing of J. C. Weaver’s monograph, The Church and Its Membership. Extent: 3 folders (.15 linear foot) [Box 1919A]. Acquired. Collection MSA 134.

Lance Webb Papers

Rev. Lance Webb (1909-1995) was ordained to the ministry in 1935 and elected bishop in 1964. This collection contains correspondence, writings, sermons, and church bulletins from pastorates in Pampa, Shamrock, Eastland, and Dallas, Texas. Additional materials include information on North Texas Youth Assembly, the World Service and Finance Commission, and the North Texas Conference. Extent: 76 boxes (76 linear feet) [Boxes 793-817, 297L-346L and 2146]. Collection BridArch MSA 28.

A. J. Weeks Papers

The A. J. Weeks papers document aspects of the ministry, writings, and family life of Rev. Andrew Jackson Weeks, D.D. (1869-1939), a Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS) leader who served numerous appointments as a minister and presiding elder in Texas and Oklahoma. Weeks became known regionally and beyond through his work as the superintendent of home missions for Texas and New Mexico (1911-1912), editor of the Texas Christian Advocate / Southwestern Advocate (1919-1922 and 1932-1939), editor of missionary literature for the General Board of Publications of the MECS (1923-1926), secretary of the Sixth Ecumenical Methodist Conference (1931-1939), Chair of the Texas Methodist Centennial Commission (1934), and member of the MECS Judicial Council (1934-1939). Extent: 4 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 1502A - 1503A, 2129C]. Collection MSA 81.

Collection on the Charles Wesley Family

The Bridwell Library collection on the Charles Wesley family comprises manuscript letters and other documents written by or received by Charles Wesley (1707-1788), his wife Sarah (Sally) Gwynne Wesley (1726-1822), their children Charles Wesley, Jr. (1757-1834), Sarah Wesley (1759-1828), Samuel Wesley (1766-1837), and Samuel Wesley’s son, Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-1876). Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Room 228A manuscript shelves]. Acquired. Collection BridColl 06. Note: Contact Arvid Nelsen for assistance accessing this collection.

Collection on John Wesley

This collection comprises six linear feet of manuscript letters written by, other documents written or signed by, and images of John Wesley amassed by Bridwell Library. Anglican clergymen the Rev. John Wesley (1703-1791) and his brother, the Rev. Charles Wesley (1707-1788), were the co-founders of Methodism. Extent: 9 boxes (6 linear feet) [Room 228A manuscript shelves]. Collection BridColl 09. Note: Contact Arvid Nelsen for assistance accessing this collection.

L. H. Wellesley Wesley Correspondence

This manuscript collection comprises letters received by Rev. L. H. Wellesley Wesley (1844-1931) between 1893 and 1914. Rev. Wesley served vicarages in Hatchford, Worfield, and Daybrook, and established the Sandroyd School in 1888. The collection offers insights into the life of a British Anglican minister and educator who had family ties to Arthur Charles Wellesley, Fourth Duke of Wellington, and Charles and John Wesley, founders of Methodism. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Room 228A manuscript shelves]. Acquired. Collection BridColl 02. Note: Contact Arvid Nelsen for assistance accessing this collection.

Wesley Foundation Commission of Texas Records

This collection comprises copies of the constitution, meeting minutes, and financial reports of the Wesley Foundation Commission, including records of the Wesley Bible Chair and the Methodist Student Movement Commission. Date range: 1926-1950. Extent: 1 folder. [Box 1731B]. Collection MSA 146.

Collection on the Wesley Works Project

This collection comprises records documenting the contributions of Albert C. Outler, Richard P. Heitzenrater, James E. Kirby, and Wanda W. Smith to the Wesley Works Project, an ongoing effort begun in 1960 to publish scholarly editions of all the writings of John Wesley. Extent: 42 boxes (20 linear feet) [Boxes 1891-1902 and 1909-1910]. Collection MSA 54.

Collection on the Western Training School for Sunday School Workers

Publicity, publications, and correspondence, 1919-1922, from the Western Training School for Sunday School Workers. Extent: 6 folders (.25 linear foot) [Box 1922B]. Collection STA 64.

Collection on George Whitefield

The Bridwell Library collection on George Whitefield consists of 14 pieces of incoming and outgoing correspondence, a receipt signed by and a hymn text composed by Whitefield. Anglican clergyman George Whitefield (1714-1770) was a popular and influential evangelical preacher in England, Wales, and in the British North American colonies. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Room 228A manuscript shelves]. Acquired. Collection BridColl 08. (Please contact the Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarian for access to this collection.)

Howard S. Wilkinson Scrapbook

The newspaper clippings, printed programs, and correspondence in this scrapbook document the early ministry of the Rev. Howard S. Wilkinson (1878?-1948). Wilkinson began his ministry in the New England Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, serving the following charges in Massachusetts: Newburyport Washington Street M. E. Church 1904-1906; Wakefield M. E. Church 1907-1908; Lynn Boston Street M. E. Church 1909-1910; and Fitchburg First M. E. Church 1911. In 1911 he entered the priesthood of the Protestant Episcopal Church, where he continued to labor until his retirement in 1947. Date range: 1902-1911. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot). [Box 1501B]. Transferred from SMU DeGolyer Library. Collection MSA 148.

Charles W. Williams Texas Methodist Planning Commission Papers

The Charles W. Williams papers consist of 0.5 linear feet of organizational records and correspondence from the Texas Methodist Planning Commission. These items document the Commission’s activities in the Methodist community in Texas from 1975-1982. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1713]. Gift of Charles W. Williams, 1986. Collection MSA 87.

Collection on Frances E. Willard

This collection features letters written by prominent nineteenth-century social reformer Frances E. Willard, a letter referring to Willard, an autographed calling card, and two printed images. These items were originally collected by Methodist Bishop Frederick DeLand Leete in the first half of the twentieth century. Extent: 1 box (.25 linear foot) [Box 1730C]. Acquired. Collection MSA 112.

G. F. Winfield Papers

Three folders of typed papers, addresses, and published works by educator G. F. Winfield. Materials date to the 1920’s and reflect Dr. Winfield’s work at Wesley College and on behalf of the American Association of Junior Colleges. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1919]. Collection MSA 85.

Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the West Texas Conference Record Book

This collection comprises a notebook containing manuscript minutes of the first through twentieth annual meetings of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the West Texas Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1882-1902. In addition to annual meeting minutes, the notebook contains reports of district and local auxiliaries. Extent: 1 folder (.1 linear foot) [Box 1922A] Gift of Mrs. George J. Steinman, 1972. Collection MSA 56.

Charles M. Wood Papers

Papers of Professor and Associate Dean Charles M. Wood, including faculty meeting and Graduate Program in Religious Studies files. Extent: 26 boxes (22 linear feet) [Boxes 628-630, 940-942, 955-960, and 1183-1192]. Collection STA 40.

Collection on the World Methodist Council

This collection comprises reports and publications of the World Methodist Council. With roots going back to the Ecumenical Methodist Conference of 1881, today’s World Methodist Council is a worldwide association of Methodist and Wesleyan-related denominations representing more than 80 million people. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 966]. Collection MSA 57.

Mims Thornburgh Workman Papers

Mims Thornburgh Workman (1895-1973) was a Methodist minister and educator. Rev. Workman served on the faculty of Southern Methodist University, 1922-1925. The Mims Thornburgh Workman papers consist of articles, sermons, poetry, and prose written by Workman. The collection also includes personal and professional correspondence, programs from church services, photographs, and newspaper and magazine articles. Extent: 8 boxes (3.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1732-1733 and 1771A-1772A]. Acquired. 1 folder (Acc. 1990180) gift of Richard Workman to SMU Archives, 1993. Transferred to Bridwell Library, 2010. Collection STA 32.

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