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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: S

Eduardo Sanchez Papers

Correspondence, research notes, personal papers, and publications concerning astrology and related fields of study. Extent: 24 boxes (24 linear feet) [Boxes 692-715]. Collection BLA 22.

Collection on Girolamo Savonarola

This collection comprises ninety-four bound volumes of facsimile copies of works by Florentine Dominican friar, reformer, and political leader Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498). These twentieth-century photographic reproductions complement the extensive holdings of works by and about Savonarola found in the Special Collections of Bridwell Library. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 1888-1890]. Collection BLA 39.

J. Robert Sawyer Collection on Texas Methodism

This collection comprises a 1912 Southern Methodist University endowment note, an SMU Founders Club medallion also issued in 1912, and five letters from Macum Phelan (1874-1950) to Olin W. Nail (1890-1970) written between 1933 and 1940. Rev. J. Robert Sawyer is a United Methodist minister who served in the Northwest Texas Conference from 1964 to 1972 and in the New Mexico Conference from 1972 until his retirement in 2005. Extent: 3 folders [Box 1730A]. Gift of J. Robert Sawyer, 2011, 2016. Collection MSA 109.

Kay Schoedinger Collection on the Harwood Family

Dr. Thomas Harwood served in the Civil War as chaplain of the 25th Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers. After the Civil War, Thomas and Emily Harwood were sent to New Mexico as Methodist missionaries. The collection includes Dr. Harwood’s diary from the war, photographs from the Harwoods’ mission schools, copies of government documents, the biography of Mrs. Emily J. Harwood, and related correspondence of Mrs. Schoedinger. Extent: 1 box (.25 linear foot) [Box 1730B]. Gift of Kay Schoedinger, 1973. Collection MSA 96.

John Nelson Russell Score Papers

Papers of Methodist educator John Nelson Russell Score, President of Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX, 1940-1964. Extent: 16 boxes (16 linear feet) [Boxes 450L-460L and 470L-474L]. Collection MSA 76.

Charles C. Selecman Papers

Papers dating from 1897 to 1958 documenting the career of Charles C. Selecman: Minister, First M.E. Church, South, Dallas, Texas, 1920-1923; President, Southern Methodist University, 1923-1938; Bishop, Methodist Church, 1938-1958. Extent: 26 boxes (26 linear feet) [Boxes 214-237, 2140 and 2144]. Acquired. Collection MSA 22.

James Seehorn Seneker Papers

This collection comprises three boxes of personal and professional papers of James Seehorn Seneker (1885-1967). Seneker was a Methodist minister and educator who served Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University (SMU) as professor of religious education from 1922 to 1956. The Seneker papers include research and teaching files, books, articles, and personal papers. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear foot) [Boxes 1786A-B and 2021]. Acquired. Collection STA 28.

Lyle M. Sellers Papers

This collection comprises purchase invoices and receipts issued by a book binder and twenty-seven rare books and manuscripts firms, a book donation receipt, and a personal letter thanking Dr. Lyle M. Sellers for rendering medical services. Sellers (1894-1964) was Chief of the Otolaryngology Department at the Baylor medical center from 1946 to 1963. A prominent book and manuscript collector, Sellers amassed one of the premier private libraries in Dallas. In 2015 the Ruth and Lyle Sellers Medical Collection was acquired by Bridwell Library. An inventory is available for staff use. Extent: 1 box (.25 linear foot) [Box 1737C]. Collection BLA 41.

E. L. Shettles Papers

This collection includes historical Methodist letters collected by Rev. Elijah L. Shettles (1852-1940), correspondence, and a typescript copy of his memoirs, The Recollections of a Long Life (1935). Date range: 1841-1935. Extent: 4 folders [Box 2162B]. Collection MSA 129.

Collection on the Shrader Family

This collection contains materials documenting the lives of Rev. H. P. Shrader, his wife, Ruby Anne Emmeline Clementine Shrader (1862-1951), and daughters Mary E. Webster and Edith Hammett Tarbutton. Houston Petway Shrader (1855-1935) was a minister in the North Texas Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South from 1885 until his retirement in 1910. In retirement he served one year (1912) as supply pastor of the Electra circuit. The collection includes an autobiographical sketch, obituaries, photographs, two letters, and a page of typescript genealogical notes. Extent: 9 folders (.25 linear foot) [Box 1724B]. Acquired. Date Range: circa 1910-1960. Collection MSA 92.

J. A. H. Shuler Saddlebag

Saddlebag used by J. A. H. Shuler. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 278]. Collection MSA 77.

O. Eugene Slater Papers

Correspondence and other papers of Bishop Oliver Eugene Slater (1906-1997). The collection includes materials on the Southwest Texas, West Texas, Rio Grande, and Northwest Texas Conferences, Methodist Hope, Waco, Texas, Southern Methodist University, General Commission on Archives and History, United Methodist Church, Board of Education, Methodist Church, Wesley Manor, Weslaco, Texas, Commission of Religion and Race, and Korea. Extent: 33 boxes (33 linear feet) [Boxes 355-387]. Collection MSA 23.

Robert W. Sledge Papers

Papers dating from 1980 to 1984: research material for the book Methodist Excitement in Texas. Extent: 4 boxes (4 linear feet) [Boxes 1493-1496]. Collection MSA 79.

A. Frank Smith Papers

Angie Frank Smith (1889–1962) joined the North Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in 1914. He was ordained a deacon by Bishop James H. McCoy in 1915 and an elder by Bishop W. N. Ainsworth in 1918. Rev. Smith’s first pastoral appointments were in Alto (1914), Detroit (1914–1915), and Forest Avenue, Dallas (1915–1916). While in Dallas, Smith organized a church on the campus of Southern Methodist University now known as Highland Park United Methodist Church. Smith then served University Methodist Church, Austin (1916-1918), Laurel Heights, San Antonio (1918-1922), and First Methodist Church, Houston (1922-1930). In 1930 he was elected bishop. Bishop Smith presided over annual conferences in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas until his retirement in 1960. The papers in this collection date from 1926 to 1962. Extent: 14 boxes (14 linear feet) [Boxes 598-611]. Collection MSA 24.

Wanda W. Smith Papers

Documents pertaining to Wanda Willard Smith’s work with Methodist materials at Bridwell Library. Extent: 15 boxes (10 linear feet) [Boxes 1879-1888, 2019, and 2031]. Collection BLA 6.

Hubert L. Sone and Katie H. Jackson Sone Papers

Papers, photographs, slides, print materials, and other items documenting the lives of Methodist missionaries who served in China from 1920-1941 and 1946-1951. Extent: 12 boxes (8.5 linear feet). [Boxes 898 - 904 A, 2172 - 2173 B, and two flat file folders]. Gift of Michael Millsap, 2020 (Accession 2020.01) Collection MSA-162

Collection of South Central Jurisdiction Methodist Bishops’ Portraits

This is a collection of forty-four portraits of bishops who served the South Central Jurisdiction of the Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church. The photographs were displayed in the Bishops’ Room at Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University, from the 1950s to the 1990s. Date Range: circa 1951-1996. Extent: 1 box [Box 621A]. Collection BLA 45.

Southwest Regional Training and Resource Center for Hispanic Ministries Records

The Southwest Regional Training and Resource Center for Hispanic Ministries (SWRTRC) was an organization that provided training experiences, opportunities, and resources for clergy and laity throughout the Southwestern United States. Organized in 1985 as the Harwood Southwest Training Center, SWRTRC embodied an educational partnership between The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church, the California-Pacific Annual Conference, the Rio Grande Annual Conference, the Desert Southwest Annual Conference, and Perkins School of Theology. Date Range: 1984-2006. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1787B]. Collection STA 62.

Georg Steindorff Papers

The Georg Steindorff papers document the work of eminent German Egyptologist Georg Steindorff (1861-1951). The collection includes correspondence, field notes, lecture notes, maps, photographs, published writings, research files, and newspaper clippings that were generated or collected by Dr. Steindorff throughout his career. Extent: 25 boxes (14 linear feet) [Boxes 1559A-1569B, 1996A-B, and 2024A]. Purchased from Elise Oppenheimer Steindorff, 1952. Collection BLA 23.

H. C. Stephan Papers

Diaries, daybooks, notebooks, correspondence, and photographs of the Rev. H. C. Stephan (d. 1955), a minister in the United Evangelical Church, Evangelical Church, and Evangelical United Brethren Church. Materials in the collection date from 1886 to 1955. Extent: 6 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 1013A-1015B]. Gift of Nancy Gruendel, 2012. Collection MSA 115.

W. McFerrin Stowe Papers

W. McFerrin Stowe (1913-1988) was ordained elder in 1942 and elected bishop in 1964. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 1823-1825]. Acquired. Oversize folder addition of Stowe and Bryan documents, Gift of Martha E. Stowe, 2015. Collection MSA 25.

Student Volunteer Movement Group Records

Record book and correspondence from Student Volunteer Movement missionary work at Southern Methodist University 1913-1938. Extent: 2 folders (.25 linear foot) [Box 1731B]. Acquired, December 20, 1938. Collection STA 48.

Carl Sutton Collection on Gerard Manly Hopkins

Research files of Carl Sutton (1920-1989) focusing on the life and works of Victorian poet Gerard Manly Hopkins, S.J. (1844-1889). Professor Carl Sutton served as founding Director of the North Texas Chapter of the Hopkins Society. In 1989, the hundred-year anniversary of Hopkins's death, Sutton curated an extensive exhibition of Hopkinsiana at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, and compiled the publication Hopkins Lives: An Exhibition and Catalogue.  The collection includes ephemera, correspondence, news clippings, book reviews, and other documents dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 1937]. Collection BLA 37.

Sweet Family Papers

The Sweet Family papers consist of the ministerial papers of the Rev. Dr. William Henry Sweet (1843-1919) and personal papers of his son and daughter-in-law, William Warren Sweet and Louise M. Neill Sweet, and their children W. W. Sweet, Jr., Elizabeth Louise Sweet Hix, and Paul R. Sweet.  The collection includes sermon and address notes, official correspondence, family correspondence, and photographs. William Henry Sweet was a Kansas Methodist clergyman and educator. Extent: 2 boxes (1 linear foot) [Boxes 1723A-B]. Gift of Louise M. Neill Sweet and family, 1959-1961, and gift of Patricia Sweet, 2008. Collection MSA 95.

William Warren Sweet Papers

The papers of Dr. William Warren Sweet (1881-1958) include materials from the period 1806 to1958 documenting his pastoral ministry, teaching career, and academic research. A noted historian, Dr. Sweet served as Chair of the Theological Faculty at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology from 1948-1952. Extent: 14 boxes (9 linear feet) [Boxes 1714-1722 and 1787A]. Gift of the Louise M. Neill Sweet and family, 1959-1962. Collection STA 29.

David K. Switzer Papers

Faculty member in the area of Pastoral Care and Associate Dean. Extent: 14 boxes (13 linear feet) [Boxes 1032-1038, 2057, and 2073-2078]. Gift of Dr. Theresa McConnell, 2011, 2015, 2019. Collection STA 38.

Edwin E. Sylvest, Jr. Papers

Research files and other documents generated by or collected by Edwin E. Sylvest, Jr. (1936-2014). Dr. Sylvest served on the faculty of Perkins School of Theology from 1970 to 2008 and as professor emeritus from 2008 until 2014. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 946B]. Collection STA 47.

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