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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: N-O

Olin Webster Nail Papers

This archival collection comprises two distinct sets of records: Olin W. Nail’s work as editor of History of Texas Methodism 1900-1960 and incoming business correspondence received by Nail between 1922 and 1967. Nail was a Texas Methodist minister and historian who served as president of the West Texas Conference Historical Society. Extent: 5 boxes (2.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1497A-1499A]. Collection MSA 71.

Alfredo Náñez and Clotilde Falcón de Náñez Papers

This collection documents the lives of the Rev. Alfredo Náñez, D.D. (1902-1986) and his wife, Clotilde Falcón de Náñez (1908-1998). For more than five decades, the Náñezes pursued a life of shared ministry as church leaders, educators, authors, and advocates of Hispanic pride and cross-cultural understanding. Alfredo Náñez was an ordained United Methodist minister who served as a Pastor and District Superintendent in the Rio Grande Annual Conference. A gifted educator and administrator, Náñez served as President of the Lydia Patterson Institute and as the founding director of the Mexican American program at Perkins School of Theology. Clotilde Falcón de Náñez was a respected teacher, Christian Educator, author, and translator. She held many leadership positions in the Woman’s Society of Christian Service and served on the Women’s Division of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church from 1964 to 1968. Extent: 22 boxes (11 linear feet) [Boxes 388A-398B]. Gift of Clotilde Falcón de Náñez (1987) and the Náñez family (2001). Collection MSA 72.

Richard D. Nelson Papers

Office papers of Associate Dean Richard D. Nelson. Nelson joined the Perkins faculty as W. J. A. Powers Professor of Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament Interpretation in 2001. Extent: 11 linear feet. [Boxes 1792-1802]. Collection STA 70.

Collection on Thomas Nicholson

Materials by and about Bishop Thomas Nicholson (1862-1944). A member of the Michigan Conference and Secretary of the Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Nicholson was elected to the episcopacy in 1916. He retired in 1932. Extent: 2 boxes (1 linear foot) [Boxes 591 and 597]. Gift of Frederick DeLand Leete, 1956. Collection MSA 17.

Collection on the William Xavier Ninde Family

The papers in this collection document the church-related careers and activities of the Ninde family during the 1800s and early 1900s.  Several members of the family became Methodist ministers and missionaries, the most notable of whom was William Xavier Ninde, elected a Methodist Episcopal Church bishop in 1884.  The collection holds sermons, scrapbooks, diaries, correspondence, photographs, published and unpublished writings, and biographical information related to Bishop Ninde; his father and grandfather (William Ward Ninde and William Ninde, respectively); his brother (Henry S. Ninde); his children (Edward, George, Frederick, and Mary Ninde Gamewell); Mary Ninde Gamewell’s husband (Frank D. Gamewell) and his first wife, Mary Porter Gamewell. One highlight of the collection is Mary Ninde Gamewell's albums of photographs taken in China. Extent: 20 boxes (15.75 linear feet) [Boxes 992A-1007]. Gift of Frederick DeLand Leete, 1956. Collection MSA 18.

Collection on the North Texas Conference Epworth League

This collection contains print materials and memorabilia produced by the North Texas Conference Epworth League between 1910 and 1930. The Epworth League was a Methodist ministry organization focusing on the spiritual and social development of youth and young adults in the United States and Canada. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1919B]. Acquired. Collection MSA 50.

William B. Oden Papers

Personal papers of William B. Oden (b. 1935). Oden was elected bishop in 1988. Extent: 21 boxes (21 linear feet) [Boxes 1199-1219]. Collection MSA 19.

Thomas A. and Josephine O’Farrell Papers

Reports and other papers documenting the ministries of two Methodist missionaries who served in Rhodesia from 1910 until their retirement in 1953. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1016A]. Gift of Craig A. Reynolds, 2012. Collection MSA 116.

Collection on Schubert M. Ogden

The collection on Schubert M. Ogden consists of typescript and published writings, correspondence, photographs, sound recordings, and video recordings of Schubert M. Ogden, Professor of Theology at Perkins School of Theology, 1955-1969 and 1972-1993, and Director of the Graduate Program in Religious Studies 1974-1990. Materials in the collection range in date from 1950 to 2011. Extent: 9 boxes (7 linear feet) [Boxes 615-619 and 2189]. Acquired. Series 7: gift of Barry Ensign-George, 2016. Collection STA 36.

Collection on Levi A. Olan

The collection on Levi Arthur Olan consists of publications by Rabbi Olan, typescripts and audio recordings of his radio sermons, and personal papers. Levi A. Olan (1903-1984) was a respected rabbi, author, educator, and community leader known as “the conscience of Dallas.” Extent: 8 boxes (7 linear feet) [Boxes 780-782B and 1278-1281]. Collection STA 67.

Evelyn Oppenheimer Papers

Evelyn Oppenheimer (1907-1998) was a book reviewer, writer, literary agent, editor, and collector of books. The Evelyn Oppenheimer papers detail Oppenheimer’s contributions to the literary scene in Texas and the Southwest from the 1930s to the 1990s. The collection contains audio reels and transcripts of her radio book reviews, book manuscripts, photographs, newspaper articles, and correspondence. Extent: 12 boxes (10.5 linear feet) [Boxes 676-683A and 2166-2168]. Collection BLA 19.

Albert Cook Outler Papers

The Albert Cook Outler papers document the pastoral ministry, teaching career, professional interests and involvements, and personal life of churchman and scholar Albert Outler (1908-1989). Dr. Outler was a prominent twentieth-century United Methodist historical theologian and ecumenicist who served on the faculty of Perkins School of Theology from 1951 to 1979 and as professor emeritus from 1979 until his death in 1989. Extent: 300 boxes (147 linear feet) [Boxes 1051A-1174A, 2049A-C, 2052A-C, 2100-2111, 2118-2119, 2200]. Collection STA 27.

J. S. and Ruby George Oxford Papers

This collection comprises business and personal correspondence, photographs, publications, and artifacts documenting with lives of two Methodist missionary educators. J. S. Oxford taught at Instituto Inglés in Santiago, Chile beginning in April 1908. From September 1910 until 1941 he and his wife, Ruby, served at Palmore Institute in Kobe, Japan. Extent: 2 boxes (1.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1772B – 1773]. Gift, 2019. Collection MSA 157.

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