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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: M

David Maldonado Papers

Papers of Professor and Associate Dean David Maldonado dating 1993-1999 and records of the Women and Ethnic Concerns Committee 1996-2003. Extent: 2 boxes (2.5 linear feet) [Boxes 622-627 and 1728]. Collection STA 39.

Jane Marshall Papers

This collection documents the artistic legacy of Jane M. Marshall. Marshall is a noted composer and conductor of sacred choral works. She is also a respected music educator and poet. Marshall has served as the organist and choir director at Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas, taught in the public schools, and held the position of adjunct professor of church music conducting at Southern Methodist University. The Jane M. Marshall papers include copies of published anthems and hymns, songbooks containing her tunes and texts, and documents detailing the development and use of her compositions. Extent: 4 boxes (2.25 linear feet) [Boxes 1941-1943A, 1946-1951]. Collection STA 49.

Paul Elliott Martin Papers

The papers of Bishop Paul Elliott Martin include correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, films, and tapes. This collection focuses on Martin’s work as bishop and contains information on the Texas and Rio Grande Conferences, Methodist Home, McCarthyism, the United Nations, racial integration, and extensive correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Perkins, Wichita Falls, Texas. Paul Elliott Martin (1897-1975) was elected bishop in 1944. Extent: 18 boxes (18 linear feet) [Boxes 161 and 818-834]. Collection MSA 12.

W. B. J. Martin Papers

The W. B. J. Martin papers at Bridwell Library comprise one linear foot of sermons and other ministerial papers of the Rev. Dr. William Benjamin James Martin, Pastor of First Community Church United Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas from 1961 until 1976. Dr. Martin served Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology as visiting professor of homiletics from 1959 to 1961. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 620 A]. Collection STA 43.

William C. Martin Papers

The William C. Martin papers document the life and career of a twentieth-century Methodist minister who was elected to the office of bishop in 1938 and served as President of the National Council of Churches of Christ from 1952 to 1954. The collection includes office files, correspondence, sermons and other public addresses, diaries, photographs, artifacts, and research materials on the lives of Methodist bishops. Extent: 95 boxes (50 linear feet) [Boxes 163A-209B and 2016A-2017]. Collection MSA 13.

Master of Sacred Music Program Records

This collection comprises office records, publications, and recordings. Extent: 6 boxes (5 linear feet) [Boxes 1927-1930 and 2003B]. Collection STA 65.

Ellen Adelle Robertson McGinley Collection of Small Religious Publications

This collection comprises fourteen Christian Science tracts and booklets, a small print of the Mother Church in Boston, two printed sermons of William M. Elliot, Jr., pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, a tract by Baptist preacher George W. Sheafor of Dallas, and a Scofield Reference Bible promotional piece distributed by the Baptist Book Store of Dallas. These publications were collected by Ellen Adelle Robertson McGinley (1899-1990) of Dallas during her search for spiritual comfort. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 674B]. Date range: 1914-1941. Gift, 2019. [Accession 2019.04] Collection BLA 44.

McKenzie College Records

Records of McKenzie College, Clarksville, Texas, dating from 1858 to 1872. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 415-417]. Collection MSA 30.

Rucker and McLean Family Papers

Rev. Walter K. Rucker was a graduate of Southwestern University and a minister in the Northwest Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (admitted on trial in 1899; admitted in full connection in 1901). In 1900 he married Olivia McLean, daughter of Dr. John H. McLean (1838-1925), presiding elder in the North Texas Conference. In 1904 Rucker served as president of the Blooming Grove Training School in Corsicana. This collection comprises two items: Rev. Rucker’s pastoral records book (1901-1903) and a book of Psalms bearing a circa 1922 gift inscription to John McLean Rucker by his grandfather, Dr. John H. McLean. Extent: 1 folder (.1 linear foot) [Box 1940A]. Gift of Anne Rucker, 1974. Collection MSA 128.

John H. McLean Scrapbook

This collection consists of a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, other printed items, and a few manuscript and typescript documents dating between 1880 and 1917. Most of the materials in the scrapbook were written by or about the Rev. John H. McLean, D.D. (1838-1925), who was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, a regent of Southwestern University, and the manager of the Texas Methodist Orphanage. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 1283]. Acquired. Collection MSA 113.

Collection on Methodism in North America

Letters and other documents written by and other documents signed by or associated with Methodists in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Date range: 1770 – 1961. Collection is processed, letters and documents are filed alphabetically within the boxes listed below. No finding aid. Extent: 7 boxes (3 linear feet) [Boxes 568A-570B]. Collection BLA 46.

Collection on Methodism in the United Kingdom and Ireland

The letters, images, and other documents in this manuscript collection were created or received by Methodists who lived in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Materials in the collection date from 1740 to 1917. Extent: 3 boxes (3 linear feet) [Room 228A manuscript shelves]. Acquired. Collection BridColl 11. Note: Contact Arvid Nelsen for assistance accessing this collection.

F. D. Leete Collection on Methodist Bishops

The F. D. Leete collection on Methodist Bishops comprises eight boxes of correspondence, historical data, and images of 254 Methodist bishops collected by Bishop Frederick DeLand Leete (1866-1958) and augmented by Bridwell Library staff until 1979. Extent: 9 boxes (9.5 linear feet) [Boxes 574-579A and 2022-2023]. Gift of Frederick DeLand Leete, 1956. Collection MSA 9.

Collection of Methodist Class Tickets and Class Leader Books

This collection includes more than 750 printed and signed class tickets issued by British, Canadian, and American Wesleyan bodies between 1773 and 1914. Accompanying the tickets are two annotated class leader books, a printed circuit plan removed from the back pocket of one of the class leader books, and a folder of Ryle family correspondence that is associated with the largest set of tickets. From the 1740s until the early twentieth century, quarterly class tickets served as credentials verifying that the recipients were active members in good standing. Non-ticketholders were excluded from Wesleyan Society activities. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 571]. Collection BLA 31.

Collection of Methodist Church and United Methodist Church Board of Education Publications

Reports and booklets produced by the General Board of Education of the Methodist Church and the Commission on Christian Higher Education between 1951 and 1967. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1784B]. Acquired. Collection MSA 43.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Correspondence School Records

This collection comprises five boxes of business correspondence and curricular materials generated by the Correspondence School of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The Correspondence School was founded in 1902 as a denominational training program for ministers based at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. In 1918 the school was divided into two regional programs, one at Emory University in Atlanta and the other at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. Extent: 5 boxes (2.25 linear feet) [Boxes 1873A-B and 1874 A-C]. Transfer, SMU Archives, 1987, 2011. Collection MSA 42.

Collection of Methodist Episcopal Church South Lantern Slides

The glass lantern slides in this collection were produced by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, as visual aids for promoting the denomination’s international and domestic missionary work. These hand-colored slides feature images of Brazil, Cuba, Korea, Russia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia. All slides were produced in the late 1910s or the early 1920s and bear the markings of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, or the “Centenary Commission, M.E.C.S.” The Centenary Commission raised funds for evangelistic and benevolent missionary enterprises in observance of the one-hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1819. Extent: 2 boxes (.75 linear feet) [Boxes 2150A-B]. Collection MSA 52.

Methodist Episcopal Church Southern German Conference Records

Conference journals; two manuscript ledgers and one folder of minutes, reports, resolutions, and other business records of the Southern German Conference, 1874-1926; and a Protokoll Buch (minute book) from the Bartlett Gemeinde, 1902-1905. Extent: 2 boxes (1.5 linear feet) [Box 1467] [Box 1026A]. Collection MSA 31.

F. D. Leete Methodist Historical Collection

This collection comprises documents and photographs relevant to the study of the history of Methodism as collected by Bishop Frederick DeLand Leete (1866-1958). Extent: 14 boxes (14 linear feet) [Boxes 580-589, 592-594 and 596]. Gift of Frederick DeLand Leete, 1956. Collection MSA 10.

Collection of Methodist Local and District Records

The Collection of Methodist Local and District Records includes reports, notes, and ledgers generated by local charges and districts of United Methodist Church predecessor denominations. Materials in the collection date from between 1837 and 1903. Most records document Methodism in Texas. Extent: 5 boxes (2 linear feet) [Boxes 1026A-D and 1724A]. Collection MSA 40.

Series 1: Texas Conferences, 1837-1919

Austin Conference (MEC)

Lawrence Station, Fort Worth District quarterly conference report, circa 1876-1912. 1 folder [Box 1026A].

East Texas Conference (MECS)

Overton and Troupe Circuit quarterly conference minutes, 1879-1892. The Overton and Troupe Circuit was in the Marshall District. 1 ledger [Box 1026A].

Southern German Conference (MEC)

Bartlett Gemeinde, 1902-1905. 1 Protokoll Buch (minute book) [Box 1026A].

Northwest Texas Conference (MECS)

Corsicana District and Weatherford District records, 1875-1876. 1 ledger [Box 1027A]. Lampasas District Meeting Minutes (published), 1869. 1 booklet [Box 1027A]. Vernon District records, 1889-1892. 1 ledger [Box 1026A].

Texas Conference (MEC) (MECS)

Anderson Charge Historical Church register, Huntsville District, 1877-1885. 1 ledger [Box 1026C]. Anderson Charge quarterly conference minutes, Huntsville District, 1899-1902. 1 ledger [Box 1026B] – E. L. Shettles Collection. Brenham District Camp Meeting program, 1909. 1 booklet [Box 1026B] – E. L. Shettles Collection. Brenham District records, 1899-1909. 1 ledger [Box 1026B]. Caldwell Station, Brenham District, Directory, 1907. 1 booklet [Box 1026B]. Calvert District records, 1883-1891. 1 ledger [Box 1026C] E. L. Shettles Collection / Gift of Rose Nelson Hughes in memory of Rev. John R. Nelson. Chappell Hill District and Brenham District records, 1889-1905. Manuscript district conference records: Chappell Hill District, 1889-1894. Brenham District, 1895-1898 and 1905. 1 ledger [Box 1027B]. Live Oak and Uvalde Mission Quarterly Conference records. A notebook containing the hand-written minutes of the quarterly conferences of the Live Oak and Uvalde Mission, Uvalde and Newfountain German Mission, Uvalde Circuit, Medina Mission, and Medina Circuit dating from 1857 to 1875. These missions and circuits were part of the Texas and Rio Grande Mission Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 2 folders [Box 1724A]; Gift of Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Long.1928. Texas Mission and San Augustine Circuit records. A ledger containing hand-written minutes of Texian Mission and San Augustine Circuit quarterly conferences from 1837 to 1857. 1 folder [Box 1724A]. Gift of Ed J. Harris, June 14, 1928.

Texas Conference (Methodist Protestant Church)

Greenville Circuit quarterly conference records, 1858-1885. 1 ledger [Box 1027B].

West Texas Conference (MECS)

Webberville Methodist Episcopal Church records, 1895-1919. 4 folders [Box 1026C]. Gift of Candace Volz, 2013.

Series 2: Conferences beyond Texas, 1882-1903

Central Tennessee Annual Conference (MEC)

Waynesboro District - Nashville District - Tullahoma District - Lawrenceburg District records, 1882-1903. 1 ledger [Box 1026D]. Gift of James E. Parr, 1949.

Collection of Methodist Protestant Church Publications

The collection comprises copies of minutes of the Kansas, Missouri, and Texas Annual Conferences of the Methodist Protestant Church dating between 1920 and 1939. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1934A]. Collection MSA 41.

Collection on Methodist-Related Educational Institutions in Texas

The Collection on Methodist-related educational institutions in Texas consists of catalogues, yearbooks, bulletins, and other print publications produced by or about high schools, colleges, and universities founded by predecessor denominations of the United Methodist Church. Extent: 12 boxes (9 linear feet) [Boxes 2037-2042 and 2136A-2138]. Collection MSA 29.

Meyer and Blankenmeister Family Papers

Documents and publications related to Methodist missionary Fannie Ellen Meyer (1868-1938), her family, and their descendents. Fannie Ellen Meyer served in China from 1895 to 1898. Extent: 5 folders (.1 linear foot) [Box 2188B]. Gift of Carolyn Blankenmeister, 2011. Collection MSA 110.

Wolfgang F. Michael Reformation Drama Microfilm

148(?) reels of microfilm collected by Wolfgang F. Michael during his career as a scholar and collector of primary and secondary sources on German Reformation drama. Extent: 5 boxes (4.5 linear feet) [Boxes 2079-2082]. Gift of Marian Michael, 1996. Collection BLA 30.

Bob W. Middlebrooks Papers

This collection comprises eight boxes of Rev. Bob W. Middlebrooks’s sermon notes and other ministerial papers. Middlebrooks (April 14, 1928-October 31, 1969) served as a minister and District Superintendent in the North Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Extent: 8 boxes (5.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1813A-1815A and 421L-423L]. Collection MSA 69.

Richard E. Millsap and Margaret Sone Millsap Papers

Rev. Richard Millsap served as a Methodist missionary in Cuba and as a minister in the Central Texas Conference of the Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church. Margaret Sone Millsap was a writer of children’s literature. She also wrote accounts of life growing up in China as a child of missionaries. Extent: 9 boxes (6.5 linear feet). Gift of Michael Millsap, 2020 (Accession 2020.03). [Boxes 904 B - 910 A and 2174 A]. Collection MSA 163.

Collection of Ministerial Credentials

The Bridwell Library collection of ministerial credentials comprises documents certifying authorization to minister at the local, regional, and denominational levels of seven branches of the Methodist movement. These ministerial licenses and certificates were issued between 1795 and 1940 by the Methodist Episcopal Church; the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; the Methodist Protestant Church; the Evangelical Association; the Free Methodist Church; the Methodist Church, Canada; and the Japan Methodist Church. Ministers and bishops being credentialed served in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Angola, and Kongo Free State (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). Extent: 4 boxes (2 linear feet) [Boxes 835A-836B]. Acquired. Collection MSA 122.

Robert Herman Moerner Papers

The Moerner papers feature a notebook containing hand-written church records in German and English dating from 1908 to 1928, an autobiographical statement written 1934-35, and an essay “25th Anniversary of the Catechismen Class of June 9, 1912” written in 1937. The church records relate to charges that Rev. Robert H. Moerner served in Texas. The personal texts include editorial notes in red ink made by Robert Herman Moerner’s son, the Rev. Otto W. Moerner. The second folder in the collection contains a typed transcription of the autobiography. The third folder contains his Elder’s Orders certificate. Extent: 3 folders (.1 linear foot) [Box 1724B]. Acquired. Collection MSA 89.

Rhymes H. Moncure, Jr. Sermons

This collection comprises sermon notes, audio-visual recordings, and personal papers of Bishop Rhymes H. Moncure, Jr. Moncure (1945-2006) served more than three decades as a pastor, district superintendent, regional and denominational administrator, and as the bishop of the Nebraska (2000-2004) and Dallas (2004-2006) areas of the United Methodist Church. Extent: 4 boxes (2 linear feet) [Boxes 783A-784B]. Date range: 1976-2007. Collection MSA 14.

John M. Moore Papers

John M. Moore (1867-1948) ministered in the St. Louis, West Texas, and North Texas annual conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS). He also taught at Texas Normal College, edited several Methodist periodicals, served on the 1905 Methodist hymnal committee, and represented the MECS in the Federal Council of Churches of Christ. In 1918 Moore was elected bishop. His episcopal assignments included Brazil, East Texas, Oklahoma, West Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, and Arkansas. This collection includes correspondence, publications, and photographs about Bishop Moore’s ministry, the history of Southern Methodist University, and the unification of the Methodist Church in 1939. Additional materials include a formal suit and engraved walking stick [overhead storage box], a top hat [box 279], and a travel trunk. Date range: Circa 1850 – 1948. Extent: 28 boxes (19.5 linear feet) [Boxes 238A-248, 279, 673A-675B, 1998A-D, and a large suit box in overhead storage]. Collection MSA 15.

James W. Morgan Papers

Sermons (1937-1977) and biographical data about the Rev. James W. Morgan (1914-2000), clergyman in the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Extent: 5 boxes (5 linear feet) [Boxes 1505-1509]. Gift of Joanna M. Sheilds, 2003. Collection MSA 70.

J. P. Morris Family Scrapbook

​This scrapbook of letters, legal documents, financial records, newspaper clippings, and printed ephemera documents the Morris, Scott, and Anderson families of  Limestone County, Texas. Heads of households include Thomas L. Morris, James W. Scott, James Anderson, and J. P. Morris. Date range: 1831-1948. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 2129B]. Gift of Mabel Morris Sparks, December 1949. Collection MSA 143.

David Morton Papers

This collection comprises four bound volumes of manuscript and typescript sermons and addresses written by the Rev. David Morton, D.D. (1833-1898).  Accompanying these writings are typed transcriptions of tributes to Rev. Morton and letters of condolence received by his wife, Hannah W. Morton. David Morton was a leading clergyman in the Louisville Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS), an advocate of educational ministries, and the founding Secretary of the MECS Board of Church Extension. The David Morton papers document the ministry of a significant figure in nineteenth-century Kentucky Methodism. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1940A]. Gift of Daniel Morton, 1929-1931. Collection MSA 100.

Edwin D. Mouzon Papers

Calendars, diary, and files dating from 1889 to 1937; Bishop Mouzon joined the Texas Conference in 1889, was a member of the fifth and sixth Ecumenical Conferences and an active participant in the Commission on Unification of American Methodism. Extent: 16 boxes (16 linear feet) [Boxes 260-275]. Collection MSA 16.

Abe Mulkey Scrapbook

This scrapbook features news clippings, letters, and publicity pieces documenting the work of evangelist Abe Mulkey (1850-1919). Beginning in 1885 Mulkey preached at more than five hundred camp meeting and revival services throughout Texas and in twenty other states. Materials in the scrapbook date from between 1886 and 1899. Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 466B]. Collection MSA 65.

E. P. Mulroney Papers

Extent: 1 box (1 linear foot) [Box 443L]. Collection MSA 83.

William E. Muse Lantern Slides

The glass lantern slides in this collection contain both commercially and privately-produced images used for illustrating Judge William E. Muse’s lectures on his international travels during the first three decades of the twentieth century and other topics. Extent: 23 boxes (12 linear feet) [Room 6A: Closed Stacks]. Gift of Ethel Muse Gillespie, 1942. Collection BLA 33.

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