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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: F-G

Collection of Family Bibles

The Bibles in this collection contain family records including data on marriages, births, baptisms, and deaths. A few also include images. Such volumes were prized by their owners both as devotional aids and as family keepsakes. Family Bibles that bear genealogical inscriptions are preserved, in whole or in part, because of their continuing usefulness as documentary artifacts. Extent: 22 boxes (16 linear feet) [Closed Stacks: Room 6A]. Collection BLA 43.

Leighton K. Farrell Sermons

The Leighton K. Farrell sermons are a comprehensive collection of 975 sermons written and delivered by the Rev. Dr. Leighton Kirk Farrell while he was Senior Pastor of the Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas, 1972-1995. Extent: 4 boxes (3.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1571-1574]. Gift of Julie Yarbrough, December 2004. Collection MSA 63.

William R. Farmer Papers

New Testament professor William R. Farmer served on the faculty of Perkins School of Theology from 1959 to 1991. This collection includes professional papers and publications dating from the 1960s to the 1980s. Extent: 9 boxes (9 linear feet) [Boxes 502-510]. Collection STA 19.

Collection on First United Methodist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas

This collection comprises copies of church administrative records from the late 1930s and early 1940s, printed items, and audio cassettes collected by Bridwell Library. Many materials concern the annual Perkins Lectures held at First United Methodist Church, Wichita Falls, since 1943 and funded by the family of Joe and Louis Perkins. The Perkins Lectures were established by First Church pastor Dr. Paul E. Martin with the purpose of bringing outstanding spiritual leaders to Wichita Falls “to inspire people and widen their horizons.” Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1029A]. Collection MSA 158.

Fowler Family Papers

This collection comprises more than five hundred letters and other papers documenting the lives of Methodist minister Rev. Littleton Fowler (1803-1846), his wife, Missouri M. Porter Fowler Woolam (1807-1891), their son, Rev. Littleton M. Fowler (1841-1917), and the work of Fowler Institute. The collection contains letters to and from many early Methodist leaders in Texas. Materials in the collection were created between 1830 and 1891. Transcriptions of selected items in the Fowler family papers were published in Laura Fowler Woolworth’s 1936 book, Littleton Fowler 1803-1846 A Missionary to the Republic of Texas. A copy of the book inscribed by the compiler to Bishop F. D. Leete is included in the collection. Extent: 15 boxes (5.5 linear feet) [Boxes 2118 – 2123]. Gift of Laura Fowler Woolworth and family, 1959. Collection MSA 137.

Victor Paul Furnish Papers

Professional papers and publications of New Testament Professor Victor Paul Furnish. Dr. Furnish served on the faculty of Perkins School of Theology from 1959 to 2000. Extent: 19 boxes (17.5 linear feet) [Boxes 481-498, 1817, and 0492L]. Collection STA 20.

Paul V. Galloway Papers

Sermon notes, correspondence, photographs, and publications from 1941 to 1994. Paul Vernon Galloway (1904-1990) was elected bishop in 1960. Extent: 17 boxes (17 linear feet) [Boxes 818-834]. Collection MSA 5.

Fred D. Gealy Papers

This collection documents the life of Fred D. Gealy (1894-1976). Dr. Gealy was a Methodist minister, missionary, Bible scholar, and church musician. His career included teaching positions at Aoyama Gakuin University, Drew Theological School, Iliff School of Theology, Perkins School of Theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, and the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. The collection includes correspondence; personal materials; research, writing, editing, and teaching files; sermon notes; and publications. Extent: 23 boxes (10.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1849A-1859A and 2188C]. Collection STA 21.

Collection on General Conferences of the Methodist Church

Printed materials distributed to officers, delegates and other persons in attendance at General Conferences of the Methodist Church held between 1939 and 1966. Extent: 2 boxes (1 linear foot) [Boxes 1010 A-B]. Acquired. Collection MSA 45.

Collection on General Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Printed materials distributed to officers, delegates and other persons in attendance at General Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South held prior to 1939. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1009]. Acquired. Collection MSA 44.

Collection on General Conferences of the United Methodist Church

Printed materials distributed to officers, delegates and other persons in attendance at General Conferences of the United Methodist Church held between 1968 and 1984. Extent: 3 boxes (2 linear feet) [Boxes 1011A - 1012]. Acquired. Collection MSA 46.

W. M. Gibson Ministerial Papers

This collection documents the ministry of Rev. William Mason “W. M.” Gibson (1910-1984). Gibson served in pastoral leadership from 1943 until 1981. He began his ministry in the Central Jurisdiction (African American) Texas Conference of the Methodist Church. Gibson retired in 1981 as a member of the racially integrated Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church (South Central Jurisdiction). Extent: 1 box (.2 linear foot) [Box 1569C]. Gift, Quentin Gibson, 1987. Collection MSA&38.

Mary Edna Glendinning Papers

This collection consists of two items: a photocopy of a book manuscript, Holding History, written by Deaconess Mary Edna Glendinning, and a large scrapbook documenting her life. Mary Edna Glendinning (1894-1988) worked as an educator and administrator at Holding Institute, Laredo, Texas, 1926-1954, 1957-1962, and 1964-1966. Date range: 1922 to 1977. Extent: 1 box (1.5 linear foot) [Box 2129]. Acquired. Collection MSA 86.

Marie Gocker Papers

Marie Gocker (1875-1937) graduated from Naperville College in 1909 and from Evangelical Theological Seminary in 1911. Both institutions were located in Naperville, Illinois, and affiliated with the Evangelical Church (later, the Evangelical United Brethren Church, now the United Methodist Church.) From 1914 until her death in 1937, Gocker served as a missionary in Cameroon. After working under the auspices of the Presbyterian Board of Missions 1914 to 1919, she ran her own independent mission called Naperville Institute that evangelized and offered health and educational services. This collection documents Marie Gocker’s ministry through correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, photographs, and both published and unpublished writings. Date range: 1909 to 1947.  Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1940B]. Gift, Texas Annual Conference Archives, 2015. Collection MSA 138.

Collection on W. B. Godbey

This study collection consists of forty-six booklets dating between 1891 and 1919 written by the Rev. William Baxter Godbey, D.D. (1833-1920). Rev. Godbey was a leading figure of the holiness movement within the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and inter-denominationally.  Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1785B]. Purchased, 2012. Collection MSA 111.

Albea Godbold Papers

Methodist minister and historian Albea Godbold’s professional papers include sermons, worship bulletins, correspondence, and journals dating from the 1920s to 1992.  Dr. Godbold was a graduate of SMU (B.A. 1921 and B.D. 1923), Yale University (M.A. 1926), and Duke University (Ph.D. 1939). He was the Methodist Church’s official representative to the National Council of Churches of Christ and the author of The Church College in the Old South. Extent: 17 boxes (17 linear feet) [Boxes 315-331]. Collection MSA 106.

Ivan Roberto Godwin Family Papers

Rev. Ivan Roberto Godwin (1865-1942) served as a preacher in the Church of God beginning in 1891 and in the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1897 until his retirement in 1931. Although Godwin was born in Canada and grew up in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, his ministry was entirely in Indiana. In 1885 he married Mary E. Fager. After her death in 1895, Godwin married Lora E. Meeks in 1896. This collection comprises family correspondence, photographs, genealogical data, and publications by and about Rev. Godwin, the churches he served, and his family members and descendants. Date range: 1880-2016. Extent: 2 boxes (1 linear foot) [Boxes 1811B and 2144]. Gift of Mary Greenwood Black, 2018. Collection MSA 153.

Robert E. Goodrich, Jr. Papers

Correspondence, notes, and publications gathered during Rev. Robert E. Goodrich’s service on the Commission on Jurisdictional Structure of the Methodist Church, 1956-1959. The collection also include published writings of Rev. Goodrich. Extent: 2 boxes (1.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1783 and 1784A]. Acquired. Collection MSA 97.


Collection on the Greater Dallas Community of Churches

This collection comprises organizational newsletters and other public documents produced by the Greater Dallas Community of Churches. Known as the Great Dallas Council of Churches prior to 1978, this organization was an interdenominational association of local church leaders who sought to build bridges of understanding through discussion and collaboration. Date range: 1966-1989. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1731A]. Collection MSA 58.

Collection on Howard Grimes and Johnnie Marie Grimes

Series 1: Howard Grimes: Curriculum material, classroom notes, publications, youth material, faculty files and notes for Perkins School of Theology history. Extent: 8 boxes (7.25 linear feet) [Boxes 375L, 491L, 899L-900L, 928L, 1287L-1288L and 1916B]

Series 2: Johnnie Marie Grimes: Perkins School of Theology committee papers, 1970s - 1980s. Extent: 2 boxes (1.25 linear foot) [Box 901L and 1916B]. Collection STA 22.

Meredith R. Groves Ministerial Papers

The Meredith R. Groves ministerial papers document the life and preaching ministry of a United Methodist minister who served in church leadership in Idaho and Oregon from 1952 until 1991. Extent: 7 boxes (5.5 linear feet) [Boxes 1043A-1048A]. Gift of Groves Family Trust, July 2018. Collection MSA 154.

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