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Bridwell Library Archival Collections: T-V

Andrew Jackson Taylor Papers

This collection comprises three folders of manuscript and printed materials associated with Rev. Andrew Jackson Taylor (1852-1928), a preacher and Presiding Elder in the Methodist Episcopal Church who served appointments in Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Extent: 2 folders [Box 1919A]. Gift of Jane Yates, 1993. Collection MSA 135.

L. B. Elrod Texas Conference Investigating Committee Papers

This collection comprises four folders of correspondence, meeting transcriptions, reports, and a press release. These documents were created by or received by Rev. L. B. Elrod and the Texas Conference (Methodist Episcopal Church, South) committee charged with investigating allegations of heretical teachings at Texas Woman’s College, Southern Methodist University, and Southwestern University. All items were created in 1923. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1859B]. Gift, Texas Conference Archives, 2017. Collection MSA 151.

Collection on the Texas Methodist Centennial Celebration

On September 4-6, 1934 Methodists from across the state gathered in San Antonio to honor the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of organized Methodist work in Texas. This collection consists of five items from that event: the guest book; a copy of the official program; a copy of the “Comrades of Conquest” centennial pageant program; a copy of a compilations of hymns produced for use at the event, and a set of typescript copies of the addresses given by Mayor C. K. Quin, Bishop A. Frank Smith, Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes, Rev. Umphrey Lee, and Bishop John M. Moore at the centennial celebration. Extent: 1 box (1.5 linear feet) [Box 2125]. Acquired. Collection MSA 48.

The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection

The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection consists of an estimated 5000 black and white photographs dating from 1960 to 1972. These photos were printed in (or considered for publication in)The Texas Methodist, predecessor to the United Methodist Reporter. Extent: 3 boxes (2.5 linear feet) [Boxes 418-420]. Acquired. Collection MSA 37.

Charles W. Williams Texas Methodist Planning Commission Papers

The Charles W. Williams papers consist of 0.5 linear feet of organizational records and correspondence from the Texas Methodist Planning Commission. These items document the Commission’s activities in the Methodist community in Texas from 1975-1982. Extent: 1 box (.5 linear foot) [Box 1713]. Gift of Charles W. Williams, 1986. Collection MSA 87.

Texas Methodist Student Movement Records

The Texas Methodist Student Movement (later the Texas Commission on Campus Ministry) was established by the five Texas Conferences in 1926 to promote and foster religious goals among students attending state schools. The Texas Methodist Student Movement records contains 17 linear feet of correspondence, minutes, financial records, pamphlets, books, evaluations and studies, schedules of events, annual reports, and photographs produced and collected by the organization from 1896-1981. Extent: 17 boxes (17 linear feet) [Boxes 1261-1277]. Gift of Roger L. Loyd, 2009. Collection MSA 36.

Texas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Records

This collection comprises a single notebook of typescript minutes of administrative meetings of the Texas W. C. T. U. held between 1916 and 1921. Extent: 2 folders (.1 linear foot) [Box 465A]. Collection MSA 53.

Page A. Thomas Papers

Paper and electronic files produced by Rev. Page A. Thomas during his more than four decades serving Bridwell Library. The collection includes files on the Biblia Irregularis Wesley research files, Center for Methodist Studies materials, and archaeology teaching files. Extent: 12 boxes (8 linear feet) [Boxes 1531-1533, 1913-1916B, and 2149] [See also: Center for Methodist Studies records.] Collection BLA 42.

Homer S. Thrall Sermons

This collection comprises fourteen manuscript sermons preached by Rev. Homer Spellman Thrall between 1864 and 1867 and two additional documents physically associated with the sermons: a receipt from 1870 and an unsigned essay on home economics and the role of women, circa 1910. A native of Vermont, Homer S. Thrall (1819-1894) was a Methodist circuit preacher, presiding elder, American Bible Society agent, and conference secretary in Texas between 1842 and 1891. He was also an early Texas educator, journalist, and historian. Extent: 1 box (.25 linear foot) [Box 579B]. Purchased, 2017. Collection MSA 150.

Decherd H. Turner Papers

This collection comprises documents generated or received by Rev. Decherd H. Turner during his employment at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin, and his continuing bibliophilic work in retirement. Materials include correspondence, research notes, event programs, and other printed matter. Decherd Turner (1922-2002) served as the director of the Bridwell Library, from 1950 to 1980 and as director of the Harry Ransom Center from 1980 to 1988. Extent: 20 boxes (20 linear feet) [Boxes 634-651 and 881-882]. Collection BLA 3.

Decherd Turner Memorial Videography Project Records

Notebooks, videotapes, and DVDs related to two video productions by Todd Noyes and Charter Communications: Tour of the Exhibit “Written On / Printed On” and A Celebration in Gratitude for the Life of Decherd Henry Turner 1922-2002. Extent: 2 boxes (1 linear foot) [Boxes 2156 A-B]. Gift of Todd Noyes, 2003. Collection BLA 28.

Maud M. Turpin Pageant and Correspondence

The Maud M. Turpin pageant and correspondence comprise a typescript historical pageant titled Early Days in Arkansas and two letters. Maud M. Turpin (1878-1959) was an active figure in publishing and public relations for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Extent: 2 folders (.1 linear foot) [Box 1919A]. Acquired. Collection MSA 132.

Walter N. Vernon Papers

Documents from the career of United Methodist minister and historian Walter N. Vernon, author of Methodism Moves Across Texas, William Stevenson, Riding Preacher, United Methodist Profile, and lead author of The Methodist Excitement in Texas. Extent: 22 boxes (22 linear feet) [Box 1471-1492]. Collection MSA 80.

John Heyl Vincent Papers

John Heyl Vincent (1832-1920) was a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church and a co-founder of the Chautauqua Institution. The John Heyl Vincent papers consist of family history research files, personal and professional correspondence, journals, public address notes, publications, and photographs created or collected by John Heyl Vincent; his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Dusenbury Vincent (1832-1909); their son, Dr. George Edgar Vincent (1864-1941); and his wife, Louise Palmer Vincent (1865-1953). Extent: 7 boxes (6.5 linear feet) [Boxes 287-292A and 2022]. Gift of Frederick DeLand Leete, 1956. Collection MSA 26.

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