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Consumers: Overview

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Other Resources for Researching Consumers

Market Research

  • Trends, sales, competitors, forecasts, consumer profiles, or anything related to the current state of the market. This is a good place to start when narrowing down your target market.


  • Data on population, gender, marital status, geography, income, educational level, housing, and more. If you know your target market, use this information to find geographic locations that match. If your target is a specific geographic location, find out about who lives in that area.


  • Data on people's attitudes and perceptions about products, lifestyle, and more. Find out who uses your product and what attitudes they have that might shape your campaign.

Media Use

  • Trends in how people use media, including the internet, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Use this information to make decisions about where to place your advertising.

Consumer Behavior

  • The study of how people experience the purchasing of goods. Consumer behavior articles are usually scholarly research and theoretical in nature. They help you to understand how people's motivations, loyalties, and reception of advertising.

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