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Simmons Catalyst: Overview

What is Simmons Catalyst?

A long-running, nationally-representative, large-scale (50,000 respondents) survey of all adults ages 18 and up in the contiguous United States. It is a standard tool used by a large majority of advertising and marketing professionals to learn about consumer preferences.

Because Simmons is nationally-representative, marketers and advertisers can use the data to make projections about the U.S. national consumer population. 

Our subscription

Academic subscriptions to Simmons Insights contain data that is 2-3 years out of date. This can be unfortunately limiting for very quickly-changing industries. 

But for many industries, it is not prohibitive, and you can still get familiar with it for going into job interviews and your first job. 


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Our subscription is limited to 35 seats at a time. When you are done using Simmons, go to the top right corner, under Southern Methodist University, and click Logout to free up your seat.

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