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Newspapers: Overview

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Find Newspaper Articles by Topic

Quick Searches in Library Search

  1. Perform a keyword search.
  2. Using the filters on the left side, limit your results to just newspaper articles.
  3. It usually helps to limit by date. If you need to filter by day and month, use a newspaper database instead.
  4. Filter by publication with the Journal Title filter. It can be helpful to find newspaper articles from the relevant region.

In-depth Searches in Newspaper Databases

  • Not all newspaper database content is findable by Library Search, so use newspaper databases.
  • Newspaper databases have specific filters helpful for finding newspaper content, including filtering by date (not just year) and searching within the headline.
  • When choosing search terms, consider the context of the time and region. Terminology changes over time.

Find Newspapers by Title

Look up newspapers by title in Journal Search, linked from the top of the Library Search page.

  • You may need to look at multiple records for different date ranges.
  • Newspapers may change names over time, so look for the section "Related titles" in the record.

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