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Magazines and Popular Journals: Overview

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Find by Title

Use the library's Journal Search to find where a specific magazine, popular journal, or newspaper is available. Search by the periodical title, not by the article title.

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Frequent Challenges

No Full Text of Articles

Sometimes our subscription databases do not contain the full text of the article you want, especially for the most recent dates. You may use Interlibrary Loan to request a free copy of the article. 

Other times, the article you want is available as web content only.

  • In some cases, our databases do not include online-only or online-exclusive content.
  • In other cases, the web-only content is available under a different record listing within Journal Search -- for example, Dallas Morning News here vs. the Dallas Morning News Blogs here.

Check your search results carefully, including dates, to see which one might be web-only content. 

No Images or Advertisements

The images or advertisements in many newspapers and magazines are often not included in our databases because the copyright for visual content is not included along with the text of the articles. 

In order to see the visual content, look for holdings that include the full-page, scanned PDF. Databases that specialize in including the visual content for popular news include: 

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