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MKTG 3342: Marketing Research: Secondary Research

Demographic Resources

Consumer / Psychographic Resources

Data Visualization

Sample APA Citations

These citations are based on APA 7th edition but have been modified to meet the requirements of SMU Cox School of Business instructors. Check with your professor regarding the appropriate citation style for your course.

The following is an example of references on a reference page for the type of articles you will be using for this assignment. Examples of in-text references can be found in Citing Business Sources.


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FTSE Russell. (2022). Consumer data. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database

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SimplyAnalytics (2020). Map with % housing tenure. Retrieved from SimplyAnalytics database

The Nielsen Company (2022). Prizm Household Distribution 2020 [Collin County report]. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database

U.S. Census Bureau (2020). Means of transportation to work in Texas. [Data]. American Community Survey. Retrieved from

Why Do I Need This Guide?

You will be doing  Demographic and Consumer Research for a specific product or service, which requires you to find background information on your customers. This research guide will direct you toward potential sources to ensure success.

Further Your Skills with Workshops

The one-hour, hands on Demographic & Consumer Research workshop focuses on resources that provide demographic and psychographic data.

Need a different time? If you have a group of 4 or more, we can add a session for you. Request a workshop.