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DeGolyer Library Archival Collections: Overview

DeGolyer Library Archival Collections

Glenn G. Addington papers

Glenn G. Addington was a Dallas advertising executive who wrote radio, film, and television scripts for Texas clients. His papers mostly contain his scripts and unpublished manuscripts, with some photographs, correspondence, and personal papers.

Claude C. Albritton family correspondence, 1888-1945

Claude C. Albritton (1913-1988) was a key figure in the academic development of Southern Methodist University, where he was a professor of geology and an administrator for over five decades. The materials in this collection contain chiefly Albritton’s correspondence with his parents and, occasionally, other people, during his graduate studies at Harvard (1933-1936) and then during his employment with the United States Geological Surveys (1942-1944).

Articles and scientific papers on surface geochemical exploration for petroleum, 1933-2004

This collection consists of historical materials bearing on the science of surface geochemistry as it is applied to the exploration for oil and gas reserves. The documents in the collection were compiled and organized by two pioneers in the field, Dr. Donald F. Saunders and Dr. Martin J. Davidson. In addition to offprints of journal articles, arranged topically by Dr. Saunders, the collection includes an incomplete run of the Bulletin of the Association of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationists, newsletters of the APGE, key monographs in the field, unpublished research reports, and other materials. The collection is organized by topic into 28 series.

Collection of Baldwin Locomotive Works records, 1856-1956

Baldwin Locomotive Works collection is devoted to the largest and most influential manufacturer of steam railroad locomotive engines in the world. This collection includes specifications, engineering drawings, advertising and corporate publications, ledgers, and manuscripts.

Balsas Valley Company records, 1890-1984

The Balsas Valley Company was an American mining company in the state of Guerrero, Mexico during the twentieth century. These records provide a history of an American mining company in Mexico during various political upheavals. In 1961 the Mexican mining industry was nationalized, and in the 1970s foreign mining companies faced even tougher restrictions. This collection includes business records, correspondence, maps, and photographs.

Margaret Mary Basye letters to her mother Ann Thornton

M.M. [Margaret Mary] Basye (1814-1896) writes to her mother Anne [Ann] Thornton in Shelbyville, Illinois about her life in Dallas, Texas and Duck Creek, Texas. Her letter written to her mother in March describes her crops, the economy, and family matters. Her letter in December was written after her husband's death, and describes in detail her son Newton's illness. She writes her mother that she plans to sell Sallie, an enslaved woman, and plant "as much corn and oats as one man can tend" in order to pay all debts. Included is a cabinet card photograph of her mother, Ann Thornton. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

James Bell letters

James Bell was a surveyor for the Texas and Pacific Railroad. This collection contains his letters written in 1873-1890 to his family in Michigan while he was in Dallas, Texas and Arizona. He describes gold prospecting and surveying trips in Montague County, Native Americans in Texas, and Arizona. A friend of James wrote Mary Bell, his sister, a full account of James' last days in Arizona. Most of this collection contains letters to Mary Bell regarding her request for his pension after his death. Letters from Mary Bell's brother, nephew, and niece are included. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Rudolph Leopold Biesele papers, 1820-1959

Rudolph Leopold Biesele served as a faculty member in the History Department at the University of Texas from 1931-1957. He also taught at Corsicana and Waco High Schools (1910-1924), the University of Alabama (1929), and Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (1930). Biesele is known for his book, The History of German Settlements in Texas 1831-1861 (1930). His papers are arranged in five series: written works (1929-1952), correspondence (1926-1959), research (1820-1952), student work (1933-1940), and maps and photographs (1910-1956).

Darlene Prouse Birkes papers, 1982-2009

Darlene Prouse Birkes was a Texas author, historian, and historical preservationist. She was the older sister to Ruth Prouse Morgan who was the Southern Methodist University Provost from 1986-1993. Birkes papers document Prouse and Prcesang family history and genealogy, as well as her involvement with Gray County, Texas history projects. Materials include: resumes, scrapbooks, Gray county history, VHS, DVD, and photographs.

John Insley Blair papers, 1831-1898

John Insley Blair was a businessman who invested heavily in railroads, eventually becoming president of sixteen railroad companies and a director of many more. This collection consists of a large number of letters written to or by Blair and his business associates; and business-related documents, including tax records, bills of lading, invoices, receipts, checks, proposals for railroad legislation, legal documents, petitions, lists of shareholders, meeting minutes, railroad passes, documents relating to the establishment of new railroad lines and companies, newspaper clippings, monthly earnings statements, payroll vouchers, railroad construction estimates, employee wage receipts, account statements, contracts, reports, distance tables, ledger books, and a memorandum book.

May Blessington papers

May Blessington was a stenographer and writer affiliated with Paramount and United Artists, and she also worked for Triangle Films. Her papers include manuscripts, letters, photographs, and papers related to her husband Charles, who served in World War II. Also included are Dallas screenwriter True T. Thompson's letters to May written on his True Films letterhead, as well as his photographs and newspaper clippings. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Karen Blumenthal papers, 1901-2019

Karen Blumenthal (1959-1920) was a financial journalist and author from Dallas, Texas. She worked for The Dallas Morning News as a reporter before joining The Wall Street Journal's Dallas bureau in 1984. After working for various news outlets for over 30 years, she became a full-time young-adult author in 2016. Her books for teens tackled complicated issues, and focused on politically “hot-button” topics such as gun control, sex discrimination, and abortion rights; she also wrote biographies of modern historical figures: Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, and Hillary Clinton. Her papers comprise research files, manuscript drafts, columns, newspaper clippings, press, reviews, interviews, correspondence, and her reference library.

Doris A. and Lawrence H. Budner collection on Theodore Roosevelt, 1867-1918

Lawrence and Doris Budner spent over twenty years amassing a collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, photographs, and ephemera related to the twenty-sixth president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. They began donating their collection to Southern Methodist University in the 1980s. In addition to periodicals from the era of Roosevelt’s presidency, the collection contains records from the Budners’ activities in the Theodore Roosevelt Association, as well as from exhibitions and events on Roosevelt. Also related is the Budners’ collections of Roosevelt books and photographs; these items are not listed here, but are also open for research use.

James Wakefield Burke papers

This collection includes manuscripts of Alpaca Revisited, Missions of Old Texas, and The Last Southerner, later retitled Sweet Dream. Burke was commissioned by H.L. Hunt to rewrite Alpaca, and correspondence regarding payment is included. Included are drafts and source materials for Missions of Old Texas; correspondence and drafts of Sweet Dream for American and British editions; and photographs and two pen and ink drawings of Texas missions.


Earle Cabell papers, 1950-1975

Earle Cabell (1906 – 1975) was a dairyman, food merchant, Dallas mayor, and United States Congressman. One of the founders of Cabell's, Inc., a dairy and early convenience store, Cabell served as the company's president from 1952 until it was sold to Southland Corporation in 1959. Cabell served as mayor of Dallas, just as his father and grandfather had done. His term was from 1961 to 1964, during which time he guided the city after the John F. Kennedy assassination. Cabell served four consecutive terms as Texas' Fifth District Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1964 to 1972. Almost 90 percent of this collection reflects his time as a Democratic Congressman. This compilation includes legislative and constituent correspondence, business papers, speeches, photographs, other assorted printed materials, and legislative, campaign, and mayoral files related to Cabell's career. Only a few family materials, personal papers, and genealogical materials are contained in the archive. The files of Sid Pietzch, Cabell's campaign manager, are also included in this collection.

Carpenter and Washington family papers

Robert E. Carpenter and his wife Bessie were an African American couple who lived in the State-Thomas neighborhood of Dallas in the early twentieth century. Their daughter Lanita married Booker T. Washington and they settled on Clark Street. Included in this collection are Robert and Bessie's financial documents, correspondence from Bessie's children, two postcards, one photograph of Bessie, and deeds; Lanita's birth and marriage certificates, correspondence, and financial documents; and Booker's World War II documents. Lanita and another sibling attended Wiley College in Marshall, Texas and Lanita's letters to her mother describe her life as a coed. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Amon G. Carter family papers

Amon G. Carter Sr. established the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the radio station WBAP, and was a successful oilman. Included in this collection are signed checks, a mineral lease, financial documents, and a 1939 newspaper article. One folder contains tickets and passes for the State Fair of Texas, Texas League of Baseball Clubs (1916-1970), democratic national conventions, a presidential inauguration, American Airlines, circuses, and various agricultural expositions. Some materials belonged to his son, Amon Gary Carter Jr. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Vivian Castleberry papers, 1952-2003

Referred to as the “grandmother of women in Journalism in Dallas” and the “godmother of the women’s movement in Dallas,” Vivian Castleberry was a journalist, author, and civic activist. She was the first woman appointed to the editorial board for the Dallas Times Herald . Her work transformed women’s news stories from fluff pieces to substantial news stories about women’s issues. Her papers include clippings, research for articles and books, materials relating to prominent women of Dallas, and materials from organizations associated with Castleberry as well as materials from her work as a grassroots civic activist.

Stephen Chappell Christian family papers, 1841-1974

The bulk of the collection is comprised of letters written by or to Stephen Chappell and Hannah Greer Christian and their children. Though the material dates from 1841 to 1974, much of it falls within a forty-year period, from 1862 to 1901. Most notably, this part of the collection includes Stephen Chappell Christian’s Civil War letters. In addition to the letters of the Christian family, the collection contains genealogical data, records of land purchases in Texas, legal documents, financial records, employment records, school papers, account books, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Collection of Chicago and North Western Railway drawings, 1869-1970

This artificial collection contains Chicago and North Western Railway detail drawings, architectural drawings for various stations and facilities, and some track charts and railroad ephemera.

Sally B. Childs papers, 1916-1987

Sally Burwell Childs was a recognized pioneer educator of children and teachers, a specialist in language training and teaching dyslexic students from New York who taught and trained teachers around the world. She focused on learning disabilities, specifically dyslexia, and published a number of articles, manuals, and books on the subject. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, tests, evaluations, curriculum, speeches, and clippings.

Mary Cimarolli papers, 1920-2010

Mary Cimarolli is a Texas author known for her biography of Paul Barrus entitled Man of Grace , and her memoir, The Bootlegger’s Other Daughter . Included in this collection are her drafts, poetry, short stories, essays, book reviews, and photographs.

Collection on Amy Clampitt, 1938-1998

Amy Clampitt worked as a librarian, freelance editor, and writer who achieved critical acclaim beginning in the 1980s. This collection show Clampitt's evolution as a poet and consists of two boxes of periodicals, proof copies, and sound recordings of Clampitt's work.

Clarence W. Clark World War II correspondence

Sergeant Clarence W. Clark (1914-2006) served three years in the United States Army with the 51st Air Service Group in the China-Burma-India campaign. Most of this collection contains his letters home to his wife Frances in Tyler, Texas. The last few letters from 1945 he wrote from Assam, India after his letters were no longer censored. Frances writes to him about family and friends, and life in Tyler during the war. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Chauncey D. Clarke correspondence, 1890s-1911

The collection consists mostly of letters both to and from Chauncey D. Clarke, whose business interests included the family-owned Clarke Bros. Whiskey Manufacturing Company, mining, and ranching in Arizona. This correspondence provides a glimpse of the period of rapid development in the territory and state of Arizona.

John Hughes Cochran family papers, 1857-2004

John Hughes Cochran was a Texas politician, rancher, and early settler of Dallas County. His family papers document early Dallas and Texas history, and include ledgers, correspondence, family histories, and photographs.

Samuel Cochran family papers

Samuel Poyntz Cochran (1855-1936) was a partner in the insurance firm of Trezevant & Cochran in Dallas, Texas. His papers include family correspondence, genealogies, photographs, as well as Trezevant & Cochran ledgers and circulars.

Kay Walker Cole papers, 1950s-2006

Kay Walker Cole was a women’s activist who was heavily involved in feminist issues and the women's rights movement, with an emphasis on women’s finances. Cole participated in a number of organizations including: The Women's Southwest Federal Credit Union, Women's Issue Network, Our Friend's Place, NARAL, TARAL, NOW, and Dallas Women's Foundation. Her papers comprise a collection of clippings, magazines, photographs, correspondence, and promotional material, materials detailing the 1977 National Women's Conference in Houston as well as material on issues of abortion and the ERA.

Ernest Conine papers, 1942-2016

Ernest Conine was a journalist from Dallas, Texas and a Southern Methodist University alum. His papers include his articles from various McGraw-Hill magazines from the 1950s-1963, his editorial columns for the Los Angeles Times from 1963-1990, his unpublished memoirs, and a scrapbook.

George W. Cook papers and collection of Texas manuscripts and artifacts, 1750s-2011

George Cook's collection of manuscripts and artifacts includes significant documents, family papers, ephemera, and other historical objects that tell the story of Dallas, Texas. Most materials are dated early nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century.

James M. Collins congressional papers, 1960s-1989

James M. Collins was a Republican congressman from 1968-1983 for Texas’ Third Congressional district. These papers contain his press releases, congressional statements, political photographs, speeches, and audiovisual materials.

Colorado and Northwestern Railroad Company records, 1897-1922

Correspondence, contracts, deeds, minutes, ledgers and other financial documents pertaining to the construction and operation of the railroad, including the period (ca. 1907-1909) when the railroad was placed in receivership and reorganized.

John C. Conner and H.D. McDonald correspondence

John C. Conner represented Texas as a Democrat in the United States Forty-first and Forty-second Congress (1870-1873). John Conner writes to his friend H.D. McDonald in Paris, Texas about the Democratic convention in Dallas and politics. Letters are written on Conner's congressional letterhead. Included are railroad passes, two broadsides of Conner's addresses, two copies of a letter by McDonald to The National Intelligencer, and an advertisement for the The National Intelligencer. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

George Albert Converse papers and photographs, 1861-1897

George Albert Converse (1844-1909) was a naval officer whose papers include correspondence, naval orders, ship specifications, contracts, reports, notebooks, newspaper and periodical clippings, pamphlets, etc. relating chiefly to the development of torpedo boats in the United States and Europe. Most of the papers cover the period 1888-1897 and were written in Newport, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., and England. Converse is known for his contributions to naval engineering, especially the development of torpedo boats. Also included are photographs of various ships, construction of ships and other related views. There are also views of ruins of a gun cotton factory after an explosion, "Cushing's" experiments with torpedoes, Yarrow &Co. torpedo boats, and steam yachts. Some photographs are by Frank H. Child and some by Child & Co.

Joe Coomer papers, 1977-2011

Texas author Joe Coomer is known for his witty novels set in Texas and Maine. Coomer has also published two non-fiction works about building his house in Texas and restoring a motorsailer in Maine, one volume of poetry, short stories, book reviews and essays. This collection contains his student work, published and unpublished works, business files, and correspondence.

Aylett R. Cox papers, 1925-1996

Noted Dallas teacher and trainer, Aylett Royall Cox developed a teaching method that helped dyslexics learn to read. She began the alphabetic phonics program at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, and authored numerous texts on her language therapy techniques. She helped establish the Academic Language Therapy Association (ATLA) and the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston. Her papers comprise teaching materials, correspondence, books, articles, journals, awards, and other education related materials used during her career.

John C. Cox Jr. World War II papers

John C. Cox, Jr. served in the United States Army in the South Pacific during World War II. The collection includes correspondence, photographs and other materials related to his military service.

Cozart and Nixon family papers, 1849-1974

This collection contains correspondence, business ephemera, and photographs of the Cozart and Nixon families in Leon County, Texas. Martha Jane “Mattie” Cozart Nixon and her husband Frank Young “F.Y.” Nixon are the main subjects of this collection. However, their relatives’ papers are also included. The Cozart family lived on Leon Prairie (Fort Boggy, Texas) and later moved to Normangee, Texas. These family papers tell the story of early Texas settlers in Leon County.

Letters from Benjamin Cushing to Nathaniel Cushing, 1811-1825

Letters to Nathaniel Cushing of Pembroke, Massachusetts, describing privateering and the effects of the British naval blockade during the War of 1812. Business and family matters are also discussed.

Frank Hamilton Cushing letters, 1882-1893

Letters written by Cushing to John Gregory Bourke and Charles W. Greene, General Manager of the Santa Fe Tertio-Millennial Anniversary Association, pertaining primarily to Cushing's field work with the Zuni Indians of New Mexico. Also includes a biographical sketch and bibliography.

Dallas Browning Club records

The Dallas Browning Club was a women's literary club that met to discuss the works of Robert Browning and other British authors. This collection is arranged chronologically and includes the minutes from each year's meetings, as well as programs, newspaper clippings regarding members, and photographs. An oversize group photograph is in a separate oversize box.  Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Davis Company Ltd. records, 1909-1946

Davis Company, Ltd. was a Hong Kong and New York business directed by Paula Davis in the early part of the twentieth century. The company’s interests included construction, railroad development, mineral exploration, harbor improvement, mills, Dragon Car Motor Company, and the unsuccessful manufacture of arms for various warlords in China. This collection contains business correspondence and reports for prospective projects in China.

Everette Lee DeGolyer, Sr. papers, 1900-1950s

Dallas businessman, Everette Lee DeGolyer, Sr. (1886-1956), was respected and honored for his accomplishments in fields ranging from geophysical exploration to book collecting. Throughout his career, DeGolyer founded several major corporations including the Amerada Petroleum Corporation, the Geophysical Research Corporation and DeGolyer and MacNaughton. His collection provides rich documentation of his life and career as a geologist and businessman. The collection is divided into categories based on subject and includes biographical information, family correspondence, diaries, notebooks, genealogy, legal documents, awards, social and professional correspondence, articles, speeches, lecture materials, petroleum and energy subject files, scientific papers, maps, financial records, and photographs.

Everett L. DeGolyer Jr. papers, 1930s-1977

E.L. DeGolyer Jr. was the first director of DeGolyer Library. His papers include personal and railroad-related correspondence, railroad research, photographs, scrapbooks, and materials for Southern Methodist University business history courses he taught in the 1970s.

Helen DeGolyer papers, 1955-1995

Helen Warren DeGolyer, wife of Everett L. DeGolyer Jr., was an eager bibliophile and actively passionate about both arts and politics. She travelled around the world and corresponded with close family and friends and former business associates of her father-in-law from his geology days. This collection focuses on the personal effects amassed from the activities she enjoyed most: travel, correspondence, the arts, and politics. The collection documents her involvement throughout the 1980s and 90s with women’s reproductive rights within the framework of the Republican Party.

Homer DeGolyer collection, 1892-1963

Homer Lewis DeGolyer (1892-1963) had a varied career as soldier, historian and businessman. His collection represents the efforts of a man who held a wide variety of interests and access to a vast array of documents, records, newspapers and journals, and other items invaluable to the historical researcher. As a result, this collection contains little original material but consists primarily of copies of primary and secondary resources. The collection is divided into twelve major categories: personal papers; business papers relating to Southwest Microfilm, Inc.; Dallas history; La Reunion which includes material on La Reunion, Victor Considerant and French Socialism; notes of an unpublished manuscript on William Becknell; circus history; the history of geology and petroleum exploration; Texas history; extracts from Texas newspapers; U.S. history; a varied assortment of research materials; and other items (including the Charles Gates Sturtevant diary) which are cataloged separately. Chronological files of selected articles written about Texas and Dallas. DeGolyer transcribed numerous articles from various Dallas and Texas newspapers including the Dallas Morning News , Texas State Gazette and the Texas National Register and others. Topics general pertain to early history of settlers, transportation and the social and economic matters of Dallas. Among topics are the following: Peter's Colony, Indians, John Neely Bryan, J. B. Webb (memoirs), Farmers Branch, Dallas Pioneers, Dallas Railroads.

Nell Goodrich DeGolyer papers, 1896-1978

Nell Goodrich DeGolyer was a well known and respected civic leader and philanthropist. Her papers include manuscripts, letters, printed material, and photographs dealing with her childhood, schooling and married life with Everette Lee DeGolyer, Sr. Diaries document daily activities of Mrs. DeGolyer. The photographs and scrapbooks provide rich detail into the DeGolyer’s courtship, lifestyle, estate and gardens.

Dowell family papers, 1853-1996

J. McCarty Dowell and Rosabel Greer Dowell lived in McKinney, Texas at the beginning of the twentieth century. Their twin boys, McCarty Jr. and Greer, attended Southern Methodist University before and after they served in the Navy during World War II. This collection includes the twins' letters to their mother from 1943-1946, Dowell and Greer family documents, scrapbooks, and photographs.

Evans and Kibbey family papers

Elizabeth Kibbey was a schoolmate of Ethel Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, at National Cathedral School. Francis T. Evans, one of the earliest United States Marine Corps aviators, married Elizabeth Kibbey in 1917 and they had two sons. Elizabeth Kibbey Evans' World War II diaries, correspondence, and personal papers make up the bulk of the collection. Some of her papers also include mementos and correspondence about her visits with Ethel Roosevelt in the White House and Sagamore Hill. This collection also includes Kibbey and Evans family  correspondence, photographs, manuscript notes, invitations, and greeting cards

David Farmer collection on Lawrence Clark Powell, 1938-2006

Lawrence Clark Powell was the first Dean of UCLA’s School of Library Science, and was known for his publications on the American Southwest, librarianship, literature, and the book trade. This collection of publications written by and about Lawrence Clark Powell was gathered by David Farmer, former director of DeGolyer Library from 1985-2001. These publications outline Powell’s vision for building a western library collection.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti papers, 1967-1972

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet, painter, book designer and graphic artist, was an important leader in the American poetry revival in San Francisco in the 1950s. The collection, consisting of approximately 53 items, comprises a variety of materials relating to the business and personal affairs of Ferlinghetti and other members of the Beat culture. Letters, postcards, and notes, primarily from Ferlinghetti to his secretary, Gail Chiarrello, discussing his publishing house and bookstore, City Lights Booksellers and Publishers, and personal news. The collection includes typescript poems and prose works, some with manuscript annotations, City Lights catalogs, handbills, news releases, and a photograph of Ferlinghetti.

James Fisk letters, 1863-1865

Written primarily from Fisk to Lottie Hough concerning the purchase of cotton in Nashville and its transport through military lines to Boston. Also includes letters discussing Fisk's  departure from Jordan Marsh & Co in 1865, a safe conduct pass and two newsclippings.

Niki Flacks scrapbooks and writings, 1953-1985

Actress and director Niki Flacks founded The Bergerac Company, a communications consulting firm that specializes in training executives in effective communication and public speaking skills. This collection consists of ten scrapbooks, which chronicle the career of Niki Louise Flacks. The ten volume set dates from 1953 to 1985. Ms. Flacks’ book Power Talk and a copy of her University of Texas Arlington Master’s thesis are also included.

A.B. Flanary family papers, 1864-1999

A.B. Flanary was a lawyer in the first half of the twentieth century in Dallas, Texas. The majority of this collection contains Flanary's personal and law practice files. Also included are love letters with his wife Lolah, genealogies, and correspondence from his descendants and close family.

Horton Foote papers, 1838-2011

Horton Foote (1916-2009) was a native Texan whose career as an actor, playwright, and screenwriter spanned over seven decades. He is best known for his Oscar-winning screenplays for To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) and Tender Mercies (1983), but his heart was always in the theater. His play, The Young Man From Atlanta , won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1995. Throughout his body of work, he wrote of a fictionalized Wharton (Harrison, Texas) and the drama of ordinary people. This collection includes his correspondence, extensive drafts, photographs, and video. Also included are his early Texas family papers which provided inspiration for characters in his dramas.

Fretz family papers

Emil Fretz (1858-1928) was born in Zurich, Switzerland and his family emigrated to a Swiss Colony in Dallas County, Texas in 1870. Fretz was a barber and proprietor of an artesian bath, and he was also known for his work with the Park Board in the city of Dallas. Included in this collection are his family photographs, deeds, wills, financial documents, naturalization papers, and death and marriage certificates. Photographs include early nineteenth century photographs of a trip to Pikes Peak, Colorado, and an album of the Fretz family farm.  Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

W.W. Frizzell general store account book

Lists merchandise sold and names of purchasers of merchandise from a general store in Lockranzy, Cherokee County, Texas. Also contains lists of merchandise Frizzell purchased to add to the store's inventory and days missed by store employees.


Gaisford and Autry family papers

The majority of this collection consists of Gaisford family letters and photographs. Dorothy Olive Gaisford married Leslie Autry, and their daughter Dorothy Olive married Arthur Brown. Included are photographs and correspondence of the mother and daughter, and photographs of the Simon and Autry families. Marie Simon was the mother of Dorothy Gaisford, and the Simons had one of the first furniture stores in Dallas at the turn of the twentieth century. Photographs of retail stores are also included. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Bill Gilbert collection of baseball arbitration records, 1991-2010

Bill Gilbert is an analyst for Tal Smith Enterprises, which provides arbitration services for major league baseball clubs. The bulk of this collection contains arbitration presentations, mostly for the Houston Astros. This material will be of interest to researchers of the business of baseball.

David Goodyear collection on railroads, 1830s-1960

David Charles Goodyear (circa 1897-1960) was the owner and curator of Railway Historical Museum in High Falls, New York. The bulk of his papers include correspondence about obtaining photographs and railroad materials for his collection. Also included are locomotive rosters, locomotive drawings, and railroad ephemera for United States railroads and international railroads.

Graber family collection of Terry's Texas Rangers materials

This collection contains an 1882 printed volume of Terry's Texas Rangers annotated muster roll with a signed register of all veterans who attended the 1902 reunion; three uniform buttons; photographs of the H.W. Graber family; and correspondence. Benjamin Franklin Terry formed the Eighth Texas Cavalry during the Civil War, and it was known as one of the best units from Texas in the Confederate army. H.W. Graber served in this unit and later wrote his autobiography that detailed his time as a Terry Texas Ranger. Graber  (1841-1917) was born in Bremen, Germany and emigrated to Houston, Texas in 1853. He moved to Dallas in 1885, and hosted the 1902 reunion of Texas Terry's Rangers in Dallas. Included in this collection are a photograph and military record of his grandson, Graber Kidwell, who served in World War II; correspondence of Lessie Kidwell; and pamphlets. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Howard Green papers, 1919-2006

Howard Green (1921-2005) served as a Texas legislator, Tarrant County judge and treasurer, and president of four Texas baseball leagues. He wrote articles for various publications about baseball, and also contributed articles to local newspapers about politics. The bulk of this collection contains his baseball research files.

Grenville Dodge papers

Dodge's papers include minutes of director's meetings of the Pacific Railway Improvement Co.; accounts of stocks and bonds; California & Texas Railway Construction Co. charter, minutes of board meetings (June 1872-June 1889) and minutes of the finance committee ; transcript of lawsuit of John S. Messenger vs. Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad Co.; seven letters from Dodge regarding business and railroad affairs (1872-1895); an announcement regarding a special train conveying President Cleveland; and photographs.

Collection of Gunsmoke television scripts, 1955-1975

This collection is comprised of scripts and drafts of episodes of Gunsmoke , the longest running western series on television. Also included are scripts for unaired episodes, writer Milburn Stone’s contracts and correspondence, and one draft of a pilot for a Gunsmoke spin-off, entitled “The Old Town.” Gunsmoke , starring James Arness, was televised on CBS from 1955-1975.

Ebby Halliday papers, 1940-1990

Ebby Halliday was an American realtor, businesswoman, and founder of Ebby Halliday Realtors, Inc. Known as the “First Lady of Real Estate”, Ebby was also known for her philanthropic vision and civic engagement. Her papers document her business activities, civic contributions, and personal life. Materials comprise: speeches, scrapbooks, correspondence, biographical information, awards and certificates, programs, magazines, newsletters, interviews, advertisements, clippings and articles, photographs, minutes and agendas, calendars/planners, and research files

Adlene Harrison papers

Adlene Harrison was an American politician who served on the Dallas City Council, and was the first acting female mayor of Dallas in 1976. She was elected three times to the Dallas City Council between 1973 and 1977. Her career also included working as a regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency from 1977-1981. During her time in office Harrison worked on environmental issues as well as public transportation in Dallas. She was a key figure in the development of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system and served as the first chairman of the board. Her papers comprise both personal and political papers and include: correspondence, printed materials, speeches, scrapbooks, ephemera, photographs and audiovisual materials.

Margaret Hartley papers

Margaret Lohlker Hartley worked at Southern Methodist University for thirty-five years. She was editor of both the SMU Press and Southwest Review from 1961-1981, and senior editor until her retirement in 1982. In 1973 she was appointed adjunt associate professor of English at SMU. She was also coeditor of the Santa Fean magazine early in her career, and later authored a book of poetry, book reviews, and various articles about cultural conflicts in America. This collection contains personal and professional correspondence, files regarding professional meetings and conferences, and photographs.

Robert T. Hill papers

Robert T. Hill is known as the father of Texas geology. His career as a geologist and writer is represented in his collection of unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, field notebooks, photographs, and maps.

Holloway family papers, 1807-1977

The Holloway family papers contain correspondence, case files, financial papers, writings, diaries, maps, genealogies, photographs, postcards, and printed material about the life of Edmunds B. Holloway and his descendants. Included are the Civil War letters of Edmunds and his wife, Eliza. Most of the material dates from the period of 1885-1930, when Thomas T. Holloway was a practicing attorney in Illinois and Dallas. These papers tell the story of nineteenth and twentieth century family life, religious life, U.S. Army history, Dallas history, and women’s history.

John Francis Holme papers, 1903-1904

This collection contains letters from John Francis Holme to C. F. Whitmarsh with three pen and ink drawings by Holme . Also includes a biographical sketch of Holme, a listing of books published by Bandar Log Press, prospectus, photographs of Holme with friends, and miscellaneous printed and promotional items from the press.

Roger Horchow papers

Roger Horchow was a businessman and Tony Award winning Broadway producer who lived in Dallas, Texas. His luxury mail order business, Horchow Collection, operated from the early 1970s to 1988. He spent the rest of his life producing and investing in multiple Broadway shows. This collection includes catalogs, photographs, correspondence, business records, and music.

Caroline Rose Hunt papers

Caroline Rose Hunt was an American heiress and hotelier, businesswoman, writer, noted philanthropist, and at one point, the wealthiest woman in the world. She founded Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, built the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, and is credited with developing the Uptown neighborhood in Dallas. Her papers include letters, manuscripts, photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, speeches, diaries, awards, and business-related papers from the Rosewood Corporation.

Intercontinental Rubber Company records

The records of the Intercontinental Rubber Company (IRC) mostly span the years 1903 to 1953 before Texas Instruments acquired the company. IRC was formed as a holding company to acquire and finance the expansion of a producer company, which had developed a process for the manufacture of crude rubber from guayule shrub in Mexico, and as a vehicle for exploration and exploitation of new sources of rubber. Through its operating subsidiaries in Mexico, particularly the Continental Mexican Rubber Company, the company occupied a dominant position in the guayule rubber industry. Materials include legal documents, financial documents, minutes, stock records, correspondence, maps, blueprints, and photographs.

John Holmes Jenkins papers, 1845-1998

John Holmes Jenkins (1940-1989) was a Texas bookseller, publisher, and historian. He is known for his ten-volume work, Papers of the Texas Revolution. This collection includes his personal and business correspondence, business records, speeches, and research material for his publications.

Cone Johnson papers, 1891-1930

Cone Johnson was a lawyer, Texas state senator, and solicitor for the United States Department of State. This collection includes correspondence, Department of State papers, campaign materials, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings. Main topics include Johnson's unsuccessful campaigns against Joseph Weldon Bailey for delegate-at-large to the Democratic National Convention (1908) and against Oscar Branch Colquitt in the state gubernatorial race (1910); Johnson's work as legal advisor to William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State during Woodrow Wilson's administration (1914-1917); and Johnson's law practice in Tyler, Texas.

Anson Jones papers

Anson Jones was a doctor and the last president of the Republic of Texas. Included in this collection are his letters to his cousin, letters to his wife, a confederate envelope, a war tax receipt, and a document appointing the first official physician in the Republic of Texas (1841). The two letters to his wife mention Sam Houston, as well as the new newspaper The Daily Bulletin, which was in opposition to The Daily Texian. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.


Tom Kayser collection on the Texas League, 1895-2019

The Texas League is a Class AA baseball league. Tom Kayser, former league president, created this research collection about the league’s history. Materials include baseball cards, biography and history files, box scores, media guides, newsletters, photographs, posters, programs, rosters, statistics, scrapbooks, and audiovisual materials.

Isabel T. Kelly ethnographic archive, circa 1926-1980

Isabel T. Kelly (1906-1983) was a social anthropologist and archeologist who specialized in Mexican cultures. The Kelly collection consists of field note sheets, folders of data, manuscripts, maps, photographs, negatives, slides, film, charts, tables, and secondary source copies. These materials come from research trips in the United States to study Coast Miwok and Southern Paiute tribes, and in Mexico, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Pakistan.

Charles Kennedy papers, 1819-1991

Charles Kennedy was a professor of economics at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a Boston and Maine Railroad historian. His papers contain his unfinished manuscript on the history of the Boston and Maine, as well as his teaching and subject files.

Jack Kerouac letters

This collection includes letters and postcards written by Kerouac to various friends discussing literary and personal matters. Included is a brief note from Allen [Ginsberg].

Jack Kilby papers, 1923-2005

Jack St. Clair Kilby is best known as the inventor of the microchip, first demonstrated September 12, 1958 at Texas Instruments (TI) where he was employed. This collection of Kilby’s personal papers consists of some early papers relating to his youth in Great Bend, Kansas, college and army years, and first job at Centralab in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The bulk of the material is from his years at Texas Instruments from 1958 to 1970 and later independent research. Kilby took out over 60 patents; reprints of most are in the collection. His numerous awards and honorary degrees are also included.

Jan Kirsten papers and collection of locomotive drawings, 1900-1970

Jan Kirsten was an avid railroad modeler from Annapolis, Maryland and this collection reflects his hobby. The bulk of the collection contains locomotive drawings, with a few photographs and documentation. Also included are Kirsten’s college materials.

Henry Coke Knight papers

Henry Coke Knight (1896-1966) was an architect in Dallas, Texas, where he designed the Dallas Woman's Club, the Dallas Little Theater, and the Museum of Fine Arts. This collection contains photographs and childhood letters written by Nick and Barron Hilton to Coke; letters from Conrad Hilton; a letter from Conrad Hilton in Dallas to his sons; letters from sculptor Wheeler Williams to Coke; a pen and ink drawing for Miriam Green; and a sketch portrait of Miriam. Included are two letters from George Truett, pastor of First Baptist Church, written to Coke's father, R.E.L. Knight. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Koons family scrapbook

This scrapbook contains clippings, correspondence, speeches, and photographs of the Walter and Bessie Koons family. Walter Koons was a judge in north Texas, and head of the legal division of the Texas Public Works Administration. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Lindsley family business records

Philip Lindsley was a lawyer, banker, and broker in Dallas, Texas. His brother, Porter, worked with him at the Lindsley Building on Poydras Street. This collection includes deeds, financial documents, and correspondence.  Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Lewis MacAdams papers, 1950s-1983

Lewis MacAdams is a Texas-born modern poet and journalist who grew up in the Dallas area. He later moved to California, where he is known for his political and environmental activism. This collection covers the first thirty-nine years of his life. Included are correspondence, scrapbooks, interviews, his editorial files for the magazine Wet , and poetry and manuscripts from the 1970s-early 1980s.

Letters to Emma McDonald

This collection contains two letters addressed to Emma McDonald of Auburn, Nebraska. These two letters describe the Dallas weather, family, and the Democratic convention. One letter addressed to Mr. W.L. McDonald from T.L. Bradford, a Dallas grocer, describes his "eating house" at the fairgrounds and business and taxes in Dallas. Also included is a Sanger Brothers receipt. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Norman Macht baseball research collection

Norman Macht is the author of over thirty books, and the vast majority of this collection is material for a three-part biography of baseball player and manager, Connie Mack, published 2007-2015. This sports research collection contains notes, drafts, clippings, scrapbooks, baseballs, oral histories, audio cassette tapes, sound reels, posters, and photographs.

J.A. Majors Company records

J. A. Majors started selling medical books to rural doctors while attending medical school in Nashville in 1898. J.A. Majors Company grew with the expansion of medical and nursing schools until it had five warehouses and six bookstores. The wholesale business was sold to Baker & Taylor in 2004. The retail stores were closed over a period of years until the last one in Dallas was sold to Matthews of St. Louis in 2010. The collection contains publisher contracts and correspondence, employee correspondence and training materials, customer contracts and correspondence, photographs, property leases, financial records and legal documents.

Allen Maxwell papers

Allen Maxwell (1915-2012) was the editor of the Southwest Review and SMU Press, as well as book editor for the Dallas Morning News . This collection contains personal and professional correspondence with contributors, including J. Frank Dobie, John McGinnis, Henry Nash Smith, Margaret Hartley, Sarah Chokla Gross, William Goyen, and Lon Tinkle. The bulk of the collection contains business files regarding SMU Press, Texas Institute of Letters, and the Texas Folklore Society.

Collection of Mayers Garden items

The Mayer family operated Mayers Garden, a beer garden, from 1881 through the first quarter of the twentieth century at Elm and Stone streets in Dallas, Texas. The family also ran a taxidermy business. This collection contains a 5 cent drink token and a 12 1/2 cent drink token for Mayers Garden; one token for Bismarcks; two folders of material about Simon and W.A. Mayer; a taxidermy catalog; a wooden Mayers Garden sign measuring less than five feet; and a large wooden horse's head that is on display in the library. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

McGrain family papers, 1840-1970

The William E. McGrain family papers consist mostly of letters between members of the McGrain family who lived in Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas from the 1840s through the 1970s. The collection includes hundreds of family letters , a small amount of financial data, and some photographs.

Ben S. Melton papers

This collection contains the professional papers of Benjamin Starr Melton, a Dallas-born geophysicist. Included are his patents, subject files, photographs and notes of his work with proximity fuze, spark photography, seismometers, and stable platform.

Charles Fenton Mercer letter to John Mason

Charles Mercer began advertising for settlers in 1844 for his colony in North Texas. Mercer writes to United States Attorney General John Mason about the colony and encloses a newspaper clipping of Mercer's letter to the editor. Included is the dealer description of these items. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Joseph Henry Merrill letters, 17851-1852

Written by Merrill in Coloma, Cal. to his friend, George S. Dow in New York, relating his experiences as a prospector turned merchant in the gold fields of California. Merrill discusses the economic climate, justifies his reasons for leaving New England and describes moral lassitude in California.

William D. Middleton papers

William D. Middleton was a civil engineer, noted railroad historian, and author. He retired as a commander from the United States Navy before serving as chief facilities officer for the University of Virginia. This collection includes his manuscripts, correspondence, personal papers, and train ephemera.

George Mifflin Dallas diary, 1848-1849

This diary contains entries written December 4, 1848 through March 2, 1849, the last three months of Dallas' Vice-Presidency under James K. Polk. Dallas describes activities in the Senate, especially the Tariff of 1846 controversy and the Wilmot Proviso. Other topics include the California gold rush, relations with Mexico, Great Britain, and France, and other matters concerning territorial expansion. Also, Dallas discusses the difficulties of public life and mentions the following political figures: James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, John C. Calhoun, Thomas Hart Benton, and Robert Walker.

Mineral Cities Railroad Company books and lists, n.d.

Includes legal documents, capital stock book, blueprints and maps of the railroads right-of-way and correspondence, most of which is addressed to Captain F. N. Moore, President of Mineral Cities Railroad Company in Joplin, Missouri.

Mill Creek Cannel Coal and Oil Company records

The Mill Creek Cannel Coal and Oil Company incorporated in 1865 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. This collection includes the certificates of incorporation, mortgage papers, deeds, shares, receipts, letters of proxy, two volumes of stockholder meeting minutes, one ledger, and a chancery bill of complaint from Cyrus Woodman against the company.

Jack Miller papers, 1920-2008, bulk 1920-1945

The collection illustrates the life and times of Lt. Jack Miller, a United States Marine from Dallas, Texas, who served in the Pacific theater during World War II. Records cover the years between 1920 and 2004, with the bulk of materials from 1920 to 1945. The collection provides insight into conditions and operations during military action on the island of Guadalcanal. Content related to Jack Miller's military service accounts for two-thirds of the collection and includes photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, transcripts, audio recordings and video recordings. Additionally, there is information about the U.S.S. Jack Miller (DE-410), a United States Navy Destroyer Escort that was launched in early 1944 in honor of Miller. The remainder of the collection is divided between material on the Miller family's unsuccessful quest to locate Miller's remains over more than sixty years and material on the World War II Memorial Plaza at Southern Methodist University.

Juanita and Henry S. Miller Jr. family papers, 1900-2010

This collection contains the family papers of Juanita Miller and her husband, Henry S. Miller, Jr. of Dallas, Texas. Henry S. Miller Companies, founded in 1914, grew from a small one-man office into one of the largest real estate services corporations in the United States. It is now run by the fourth generation of the Miller family. The Millers were active in arts, civic, and social activities in Dallas. The collection includes civic and political correspondence; material from both of the Millers' service during World War II; Henry S. Miller Jr.’s business papers; and Juanita’s personal papers.

Chleo Misemer papers

Chleo Misemer (1909-2013) was born Alma Chleo McDearmont in Craighead County, Arkansas. She spent her childhood at the Buckner Home in Dallas, Texas and later was Minister of Music at Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Cliff, Texas. This collection includes her birth certificate, school report cards, and Buckner Home diplomas. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Edmund Montgomery and Elisabet Ney papers, 1830-1949

This collection contains the papers of Edmund Duncan Montgomery and his wife Elisabet Ney. Montgomery, who trained in Germany as a medical doctor but subsequently gravitated toward philosophy and science, and Ney, a sculptor, immigrated to the United States in 1871, settling in Texas two years later. The papers include biographical material, copies of Montgomery’s published articles and books, deeds to the Texas cotton plantation that Montgomery and Ney owned, wills of Ney family members, letters to and from Montgomery, correspondence between friends of Montgomery and his chief biographer, SMU philosophy professor Ira K. Stephens, photographs, and Stephens’s research notes.

Whitney and Vaida Stewart Montgomery papers, 1907-1985

This collection contains the papers of two Texas poets and publishers, Whitney and Vaida Stewart Montgomery. It includes the business correspondence of the Montgomerys, poems written by both Whitney and Vaida, newsletters, the papers of poetry societies (including the Poetry Society of Texas), photographs, newspaper clippings, and poetry magazines. Much of the material concerns the Dallas-based Kaleidoscope (later Kaleidograph) Press, its 350 published volumes, and its monthly poetry magazine, Kaleidoscope .

Ruth P. Morgan papers

Ruth Prouse Morgan served as a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University for 20 years and as the University’s first female provost from 1986–1993. Her papers reflect her activities as a civic leader in the Dallas Summit, the Dallas Forum, Charter 100, and the Hockaday School. Also included are academic papers, books, articles, talks, and speeches related to political science as well as an extensive amount of travel related materials. For papers related to her position a professor and provost, see the Ruth P. Morgan faculty papers, SMU 2000.0350.

Ruth Muse papers

Ruth Muse was a musician who was known for both her classical music and vaudeville performances on Dallas radio shows in the 1920s. Included in this collection are family photographs, correspondence, financial documents, receipts, and clippings. Photographs include her studio portraits, as well as a few family photographs. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Muskogee company records, 1808-circa 1939

This collection contains records related to the Muskogee Company, a holding company which directed several small railroads in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Most of the collection concerns the Muskogee Company: company history, finances, correspondence, and the smaller companies under its direction including the Midland Valley Railway, the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway, the Cherokee Construction Company, and the Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad. Records on the Osage Railroad and the papers of Charles Edward Ingersoll—the Philadelphia businessman who helped create and direct the Muskogee Company—are also included.

Jack Myers papers

Jack Myers was the director of the creative writing program at Southern Methodist University, and a co-founder of The Writer's Garret in Dallas, Texas. In 2003 he was named Texas Poet Laureate. The bulk of this collection contains manuscripts and correspondence related to his publications.

Collection of New Birmingham, Texas documents

This collection of New Birmingham, Texas maps includes a blueprint plat map (1889); Cherokee Land & Iron Company document (1889); a letter regarding appraisal of several lots in the town (1925); and an undated illustrated plat map of the town by the Cherokee Land & Iron Company. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Collection of New York, Ontario, and Western Railway Co. materials

This artificial collection contains New York, Ontario, and Western Railway Co. business records, correspondence, employee materials, and locomotive drawings. The railroad operated from 1869-1957 in New York state.


O'Ferrall and Witt family papers

This collection documents various members and descendants of the O’Ferrall and Witt families of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Primary figures include: Colonel William Cluis O’Ferrall, Annie Lorena “Lola” Warren, Zoe Elizabeth O’Ferrall, Robert Edward Witt, and Zoe Ann Witt. Materials include correspondence, clippings, photographs and scrapbooks, printed materials and travel ephemera, artifacts, diaries, family histories and genealogical research.

Oram and Hill family papers

Oram and Hill family papers, 1904-1960s - This first half of this collection contains the legal and real estate documents of Sarah Oram (1861-1946) and her son Edwin (1883-1961). The rest of the collection contains the papers of Sarah's daughter, Louise, and her husband, Clyde Walton Hill. Louise Oram was an organist and pianist, and she married Clyde Walton Hill in 1917. Included are Louise's correspondence and musical compositions, and plans for the house on 5227 Winton. Clyde Hill's files contain business documents, poetry, and research material for his publications.  Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Natalie Ornish papers

Natalie Ornish was a Texas Historian, author, filmmaker, composer and playwright. Her most notable works includes Ehrenberg: Goliad Survivor Old West Explorer (the first biography of Herman Ehrenberg), “Texans All,” and Pioneer Jewish Texans (first comprehensive history of Jewish people in Texas from the conquistadors to modern times). Her papers comprise research files, drafts and manuscript materials, scripts, correspondence, audiovisual and film, sheet music, and photographs.

Richard C. Overton collection on railroad history

Richard Cleghorn Overton was an American railroad historian and author from Montclair, New Jersey. This collection contains Richard Overton's typescript speeches and articles, collection of locomotive photographs, railroad subject files, and Great Northern blueprint locomotive drawings.

Warren Parker letters, 1877-1909

The letters, generally addressed to his mother, Mrs. William Parker and other family members, relate Parker's experiences as a miner in several locations in Colorado, including Greeley, Leadville, and Tin Cup. An informative letter from Sam Carmichael, a mining partner, to Parker's mother, provides insight into the difficulties of their mining experiences.

Thomas Moore Paschal family papers

Thomas Moore Paschal was a Texas lawyer, judge, and United States Congressman (1893-1894). This collection contains legal documents from his law practice, his father’s law practice, and other family legal papers. Correspondence, speeches, mining documents, and photographs are also included.

James Venn Paterson papers, 1886-1949

James Venn Paterson was a Scottish naval architect who was president of the Seattle Construction and Dry Dock Company in Seattle, Washington. This collection includes Paterson’s business files on early twentieth century shipbuilding, correspondence, blueprints, and photographs.

Junius Peak papers

Junius Peak (1845-1934) was a Confederate veteran, Dallas city marshal, and Texas Ranger. His sister, Juliette Peak Fowler, bequeathed her land in East Dallas for orphans and retirees. Included in this collection is a short handwritten biographical note; a letter to his sister describing the Los Penitentes' self-flagellation procession he witnessed in New Mexico; a photograph of Junius Peak and Mike Thomas; and a deed for Juliette Fowler from Junius and her father for land in East Dallas. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Collection of Peters Colony documents

Peters Colony was formed by a grant made in 1841 by the Republic of Texas to William S. Peters and his associates. After various legal battles, this North Texas colony brought little profit to the investors, but welcomed over two thousand families to Texas. This collection includes signed Texan Emigration and Land Company documents by William Myers (1846), George M. Massey (1851), Nelson Shields (1858), and Robert Skaggs' claim and oath (1850, 1852) with a special certificate. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Merz Peters investment research collection

Merz K. Peters was a financial analyst for Brown Brothers Harriman and the American Stock Exchange in New York City during the last half of the twentieth century. This collection contains Brown Brothers Harriman historical files, energy industry subject files, business correspondence, annual reports, and investment reports. Researchers interested in the history of the oil industry will find materials from the early 1920s-2000s.

Pirtle and Cook family papers

This collection contains letters and ephemera of the Pirtle and Cook families in Texas. It is unclear how they are related in the collection. The bulk of the collection includes letters to Birtie Pirtle in Robinson, Indian Territory, and letters to Eva Watson Cook of Dallas, Texas. Also included are anniversary programs from various churches in Dallas, Texas, and programs for social events

Reuben M. Potter Journal with recollection from the Texas Revolution, 1874

A bound journal with handwritten copies of letters, petitions, poetry and historical notes written by Potter in 1874 in which he recalls the taking of prisoners from Mexican General Jose de Urrea at the battles of San Patricio and Agua Dulce during the Texas Revolution. Along with Potter's narrative are documents concerning those prisoners, which he copied into his journal. Also includes an article written by Potter for the Magazine of American History: Potter, Reuben M. "The Prisoners of Matamoros: a Reminiscence of the Revolution of Texas," Magazine of American History (Vol. III, no. 5) May 1879, pp. 273-294.

Quanah, Acme, and Pacific Railway Company records, 1907-1923

Annual reports to the Railroad Commission of Texas and the Interstate Commerce Commission; correspondence regarding the annual reports; and three volumes of financial records.


Louise Raggio papers, 1919-2011

Known as the “Mother of Family Law in Texas,” Louise Ballerstedt Raggio was the only woman in her graduating law school class in 1952. She went on to become the first female Assistant District Attorney of Dallas County, and the first woman to prosecute a criminal case in Dallas. She was a major influence in the passing of Texas Marital Property Act of 1967 which equalized spousal rights, liabilities, responsibilities, including management and control of community property, child custody, and finances. Her papers document her personal life, career, participation in professional law organizations, and her civic work advocating for women’s rights. Materials comprise: biographical and genealogical information, calendars/planners, awards and certificates, correspondence, programs, scrapbooks, clippings and articles, photographs, minutes and agendas, research files and manuscripts for her autobiography, Texas Tornado .

Railroad Commission of Texas interlocking towers records, 1902-1974

This collection contains correspondence, blueprints, and technical information on the interlocking railroad towers built under the authority of the Railroad Commission of Texas from about 1900 until 1966. The purpose of the towers was to ensure safe passage of trains over intersecting railroad lines or trains switching from one line to another. Each tower was assigned a number; the records in this collection have been arranged in numerical order.

Rawlings and Vitz family papers

Robert C. Rawlings was a businessman in the cotton and real estate trade. The bulk of this collection contains his business papers, love letters to Edna, and Dallas family correspondence from the 1920s-1940s. Edna Rawlings Vitz was a teacher at the College of Fine Arts on Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas where she taught "psychology, literature, and any branch of the spoken word." Her papers include programs and photographs of plays in which she performed, as well as a number of photographic negatives of actor headshots from 1936-1937. Hugo J.R. Vitz  was May Blessington's executor. He married Edna Myers Rawlings, and became the stepfather of Robin Rawlings. Included are several folders of photographs from the 1936 Cavalcade of Texas pageant, in which Edna and her daughter Robin participated. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Ridge family papers, circa 1824-1968

The Ridge family papers include John Ridge's 1835 journal while he was a Cherokee Nation delegate to Washington D.C. when the Cherokee Nation was in the process of ceding all Cherokee lands east of the Mississippi. Also included in the collection are letters from Arkansas, photographs, newspaper clippings, printed material, poetry by John Rollin Ridge, a leather pouch, and Elias Boudinott's published An address to the whites (1826).

Nela Rio papers

Nela Río is an Argentine-Canadian poet, artist, and educator who has published collections of poetry and short stories anthologized in both the United States and Canada from the 1980s-2010s. She was also a professor of Spanish language literature at the University of St. Thomas in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada for thirty-three years. This collection contains Nela Río’s manuscripts, academic work, correspondence, and poem posters. A major part of her papers include manuscripts and recordings for her collaborative project from 1998-2007: La Voz y la Escritura.

Cecil Johnson Roberts papers

This collection on Cecil Johnson Roberts (1914-1990) contains photocopies of her correspondence, oral history transcripts, and newspaper clippings. Highlights include correspondence regarding the civil rights movement in Alabama; literary authors like Agnes De Mille and Fannie Flagg; and Democratic party leaders like John F. Kennedy and George Wallace.

David Rousar papers

David L. Rousar (1936-2018) was an American railroad historian who had a special interest in nineteenth century lithographs of locomotives. His papers include his research notes, drafts for articles, railroad ephemera, and publications.

David Rousar collection of railroad prints and photographs, circa 1855-1940

David Rousar was a railroad and locomotive historian who amassed an impressive collection of 19th and 20th century photographs, stereographs and lithographs. This collection consists of over 600 photographs and lithographs of railroads and locomotives from the 1850s to the 1940s.

R. Richard Rubottom papers, 1912-2012

R. Richard Rubottom, Jr. returned to Southern Methodist University as Vice President for university life in 1964 after having received his Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University. His SMU papers include lectures, committee and task force notes, and correspondence. Rubottom's career included service in the Navy, the Foreign Service, President of the University of the Americas, and volunteer work with the Boy Scouts of America. The bulk of the collection concerns his interest in the foreign affairs of the United States and particularly relationships with the Latin American countries where he served. During his seventeen years with the Foreign Service, Rubottom served as Assistant Secretary of State, Inter-American Affairs (1956-1960), and Ambassador to Argentina, 1960-1961.

Sabine Royalty Corporation records

Sabine Royalty Corporation was a Texas business that invested in the exploration, drilling, and development of oil and gas properties. This collection contains Sabine Royalty Corporation’s minutes, financial information, annual reports, stock certificates, materials celebrating the company’s fiftieth anniversary, scrapbooks, and ephemera.

Annette Sanford papers, 1920s-2000s

Annette Sanford (1929-2012) was a Texas author of short stories, book reviews, and paperback romances. After teaching high school English in Ganado, Texas for 25 years, she devoted the rest of her life to writing. Included in her papers are her published and unpublished works, journals, business files, correspondence, and photographs.

Sanger Brothers records

Sanger Brothers was a family retail business in Texas from the 1850s until it was sold in 1926. This collection of Sanger Brothers records includes real estate documents regarding the land owned by the Gouffe family behind the Sanger Brothers store in Dallas, property maps, financial documents, and several promotional items for the store. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Lillian Clark Sappington papers

Lillian Clark Sappington was an advertising manager for McGaugh Hosiery Mill and Airmaid Hosiery in Dallas, Texas from the early 1930s to 1946. Included in her collection are her marriage license to N.V. Sappington, personal correspondence, business correspondence, commission statements, Airmaid Hosiery promotional materials, photographs with captions for the company newsletter, personal photographs, and newspaper clippings. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Julius and George Schepps papers

Julius and George Schepps were brothers in Dallas, Texas known for their family bakery, dairy, and liquor businesses. This collection contains the transfer contract of the Dallas Baseball Club from Sol Dreyfuss to George Schepps (1938); charter of Greenville Baseball Enterprises of Texas (1949); photographs of the brothers; and photographs of Schepps Bakery. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Schoellkopf family papers

This collection includes genealogies, family photographs, letters, and newspaper clippings of the Schoellkopf family in Dallas, Texas. A large portion of the collection are Henry Coke III's letters to his future wife Anne Schoellkopf while they were engaged college students attending General Theological Seminary and Smith College. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Blackie Sherrod papers

Blackie Sherrod was a noted Texas sports writer for almost six decades, writing for several newspapers, including both the Dallas Times Herald and the Dallas Morning News . This collection contains his notes, drafts, and articles; correspondence; artwork; photographs; sports publications; press passes; and newspaper clippings.

John Lewis Shissler Jr. collection, n.d.

Contains files on traction roads, photographs, and periodicals and newsletters on American traction and railroad lines.

Aldo Shults papers

Aldo Shults was a railroad dining car steward and union grievance representative. This collection contains correspondence regarding grievances, negotiations, and other union business; official releases and directories of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen; memoranda, ledgers, receipts, menus, and other printed material concerning Shults' work on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

Collection on Sivils Drive In

Sivils was a drive-in restaurant with female carhops in West Dallas. At the height of the restaurant’s popularity, it was featured on the cover of Life magazine before it closed in 1967. These two boxes contain business correspondence, menus, matchbook covers, publicity, a 1940 Life magazine with Sivils carhop on cover, and an aluminum Sivils car tray. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Arthur A. Smith papers

Arthur Alvin Smith served as Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University and head of the Department of Economics from 1938 to 1950. From 1950 to 1970 he held the positions of Vice President and Economist at the First National Bank in Dallas. His papers chronicle his career as an economist, and include his speeches, articles, clippings, and an unpublished manuscript entitled “History of the Dollar.”

Charles Smith papers

Charles Smith was an insurance investigator for the Texas City disaster that occurred on April 16-17, 1947. Many files in this collection document the aftermath of that disaster, as well as other insurance cases in the Southwest ranging from home fires to oil field lightning strikes. Materials include claims, appraisals, general correspondence, and photographs.

T.W. Snow Construction Company records

T.W. Snow Construction Company was founded by Theodore Wilbur Snow in Illinois in the late nineteenth century. The Chicago-based company built structures such as trestles, watering stations and coaling towers for the railroad industry, and held several patents for some of the equipment. This collection contains patents, technical drawings, business correspondence, photographs and illustrations for a publication. Files include information on Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad water treatment plant; Council Bluffs, Iowa lime soda treating plant; Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad contracts; Lakeside Bridge and Steel Company at Table Rock, Nebraska; and various drawings for the Zephyr 9900

Southern Methodist University Press records, 1930-2015

Southern Methodist University Press was founded in 1937, and in its seventy-eight-year history it specialized in the publication of works on the history and culture of the Southwest. The collection spans eighty-five years, with most of the material dating from the 1940s through the 1980s. Included in the collection is correspondence, book production and promotion materials such as review copy lists and mail-outs, manuscripts and book proofs, material from the Texas Folklore Society, and SMU Press financial records.

Southwest Review records, 1923-2015

This collection contains records from the Southwest Review , a literary and artistic journal published at Southern Methodist University in Dallas since 1924. Included are correspondence with contributing authors, drafts of material for the journal, subscription information, promotional mail-outs, and financial records detailing costs for subscribing, advertising, and back issues. The dates for the material in the collection spread fairly evenly from the 1920s through the 1970s.

Sprawls, Fletcher, and Madden family papers

The papers of: Annie Lee Sprawls (1872-1931), Velma Fletcher Madden (1901-1993) and Martha Madden (1937-2019) document the lives and careers of three generations of educators from Louisiana and Texas. The bulk of the material centers on Martha Madden, who was a professor counselor, dean, author and lecturer who also served as the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and worked as an environmental consultant. Materials comprise: scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, report cards and academic papers.

Opie Stanfield papers, 1912-1956

The collection illustrates the life and times of a United States Army soldier stationed in Europe in the latter half of World War II who worked in the office of a U.S. Army chaplain. Opie M. Stanfield was the son of rural Arkansas farmers. He served in the United States Army in England and France during 1944 and part of 1945. At the time of his discharge in 1945, Stanfield was a sergeant. It is apparent through the reading of his personal correspondence that he was bisexual or homosexual. The collection primarily consists of correspondence with family and friends as well as some photographs and ephemera. Correspondents include Loue Stanfield, Irene Campbell, Carolyn Hackman, Evelyn Toso, and Chaplain Albert A. Behnke.

Collection of State Fair of Texas Materials

This collections includes three Texas centennial cowboy hats, silk broadsides, pennants, and various official state fair pins and badges. Box 56X contains mostly print materials from the various events at the State Fair of Texas from its beginnings until the late 1960s. The last item is a sketch for a mural by noted Texas artist Tom Lea. George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Paul P. Steed, Jr. collection of Spanish America and Philippine documents, 1568-1840

The Paul P. Steed, Jr. collection consists of correspondence, official documents, wills, petitions, edicts, dispatches, reports, expense records, ecclesiastical certificates, royal provisions, land grants, and other papers relating to the conquest and administration of Spanish America (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru) and the Philippines. Included are papers related to San Juan del Rio; Durango, Mexico land disputes (1659-1764); court records from Coahuila, Mexico (1814-1840); Viceroyalty letters from Peru (1603-1822); Pedro Sanchez de Olivera correspondence (1611-1678) related to Mexico and the Philippines; Central American colonial entrepreneur Juan Fermín de Aycinena collection (1761-1777); Quetzaltenango records (Guatemala, 1783-1785); Doña Ana de Arrollave y Beteta expedients (Guatemala, 1760-1784); Josef Insaurrandiaga papers (Nicaraugua, 1780s); estate inventory for conquistador of Mexico Gonzalo Cerezo (d. 1568 Spain); a Gregorio Moneo patent signed by King Ferdinand VI of Spain in 1747; and Martin Fernandes de Navarrete manuscripts (Villa de León, Spain, 1765-1844).

James J. Strang papers, 1836-1944

James J. Strang became the leader and "king" of a schismatic Mormon group based in Voree, Wisconsin, and Beaver Island, Michigan, often referred to as the Strangites, shortly after the death of Joseph Smith in 1844. The Strang collection contains letters (addressed primarily to Strang and his family members), essays by Strang and various members of his church, a tithing book and other documents regarding church business, miscellaneous printed matter, and correspondence involving his descendants.

W. Thomas Taylor collection on Texas ornithology, 1837-1948

Most of this collection consists of offprints. Highlights of the collection include a letter from John J. Abert to John James Audubon, an original lithograph from Audubon's Birds of America depicting the Texan Turtle Dove, and photographic prints.

Carter Taylor papers, 1839-1976

A rancher, conservationist and bibliophile, Carter Taylor was born in Martinsburg, Missouri in 1890. Taylor served in France during World War I. After the war, he moved to Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Frances Yates Taylor to go into the cotton business. About 1919, Taylor inherited land in Baylor County, Texas and began a ranching career. He followed conservation practices with soil and water and improved the Hereford herd on his ranch, the C Lazy T. Taylor collected books on the southwest and also examples of barbed wire. The Carter Taylor Collection includes six detailed ranch notebooks with notations regarding cattle, horses, cotton, correspondence, maps, photographs, a Republic of Texas 1839 land grant, a State of Texas 1863 land grant, magazines, cattle brands and registries, and miscellaneous printed material.

Technical Club of Dallas records, 1919-2009

The Technical Club of Dallas was formed in Dallas, Texas on June 2, 1919. This society of engineers was involved with the Kessler plan for Dallas City planning, helped to support the co-op plan at Southern Methodist University School of Engineering, and sponsored the Student Engineering Society at North Texas Agricultural College (which would later become University of Texas at Arlington). This collection contains minutes from 1919, copies of their publication The Technician from 1944-2009, financial statements, and membership directories.

Tejas girl Scout Council records, 1922-1987

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is an organization devoted to furthering the development of girls and young women as productive citizens and individuals. The Dallas Girl Scout Council was established in 1920 and later merged with other area councils to become the Tejas Girl Scout Council. This collection consists of the correspondence of Mrs. Margaret Scruggs Caruth, one of the first Tejas Girl Scout Council members; minutes, financial records, printed materials, which include Girl Scout handbooks, training guides, camping guides, activity guides, and newsletters; photographic material; scrapbooks; and audio recordings.

Virgil W. Teufel papers, 1936-1969

Virgil Willard Teufel was a surveyor for Geophysical Service Inc. in the 1940s-1950s. His papers contain diaries, business correspondence, and surveys.

Lon Tinkle papers, 1920s-1997

Lon Tinkle was a professor of French and Comparative Literature at Southern Methodist University, and book critic for the Dallas Morning News . He is best known for his book Thirteen Days to Glory , which became a film starring John Wayne in 1960. Tinkle’s papers include his manuscripts, correspondence with authors, and faculty papers.

Tour in the American west, 1860

An illustrated journal of a trip to North America (July-November 1860) written by an anonymous author. The author of this journal accompanied Edward, Prince of Wales, on the first tour of North America by a British heir to the throne. Texas, including San Antonio and Austin, is described in detail on p. 59-63. A photograph of the author precedes p. 71.

Orley Hosmer Truman papers, 1870-1970

Orley Hosmer Truman was an inventor of a gravity meter for oil exploration. His scientific papers include his manuscripts, correspondence, technical drawings, and photographs regarding his work with the Lowell Observatory in Arizona and Humble Oil in Texas.

Phyllis Tucker papers and ERA memorabilia, 1970-1991

Phyllis Tucker was a women’s rights advocate, and leader in the Movement. She served as president of the Texas chapter of the National Organization for Women in 1980 and 1990, and was instrumental in the development of the Houston Area Women's Center, a women's shelter, and WIRES, a call center for abused women. Her papers comprise: ERA buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and posters; National Organization for Women newspapers and newsletters from the Houston/Bay Area chapter, Texas chapter, and national level; printed papers and articles related to women’s rights issues and the ERA; and women's conferences and meeting materials.

Samuel M. Vauclain papers, 1856-1940

Samuel Matthews Vauclain was a lifelong employee of the Baldwin Locomotive Works Company. He was a locomotive manufacturer, inventor, salesman, and international businessman. One of his many achievements was the invention of the compound locomotive in 1889. The collection contains business and personal notebooks, business correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, charts, and sketches. Approximately 90% of the collection concerns Vauclain's business career with the other 10% pertaining to his personal life. Of the business papers about half relate to Baldwin Locomotive Works' foreign affairs.

Samuel Matthews Vauclain Jr. papers, 1896-1929

This collection includes Samuel Matthews Vauclain Jr.'s 1896 engineering notes while a student at Central High School; 1904 diary while in Japan; 1904 diary on Japan and Australia; 1904 carbon copies of letters from Sam to his father about Japan; negatives and glass plate negatives of Hawaiian locomotives and Japan; photograph of Samuel Matthews Vauclain Sr.; photographs of Toboggan, New Mexico.; and a Jaffa Temple twenty year debenture bond dated 1929.

Collection of Veteran Feminist  of America Dallas and women's issues materials

This collection contains materials related to the Veteran Feminists of America-Dallas Chapter and the 2010 conference "Pursuing Women's Rights at Home and Abroad." Honoree files consist of registration forms, biographical information, and papers written by noted feminists in Dallas. Also included in this collection are VHS tapes of chapter meetings and talks, papers on various women's issues from the "Work in Progress" series from Wellesley College, and printed materials from various women's organizations in Dallas.

Jack L. Walker family papers

Jack L. Walker (1888-1964) was a railroad telegraph operator, songwriter, and amateur photographer. He and his wife Marie Luther (1894-1962) had one daughter and three sons in Dallas, Texas. Included in this collection are Walker's railroad documents, correspondence, patent documents for his voice recording inventions, song compositions, and family documents. Also included is correspondence of Evelyn and James Callahan, Van Wood, and photographs of the Callahan and Luther families. Part of the George W. Cook Dallas/Texas image collection.

Robert F. Weitbrec papers

Robert F. Weitbrec was a railroad and mining businessman in Denver, Colorado. This collection contains letters and photographs from Weitbrec to his wife Celia while he was in Mexico constructing the Mexican National Railway in 1883; and gold mining business records for Colorado companies Breece Mining Company, Gilpin County Mining Company, and Williams Mining Company.

Richard West papers

Dick West was the director of the Dallas Morning News editorial page for decades, and he also had a popular Sunday radio show. After he retired from the News in 1977, West continued to write for SR Dallas, a news publication for seniors. This collection includes his radio scripts, drafts, correspondence, speeches, photographs, and clippings.

Collection of western film scripts, 1929-1981

This collection is comprised of 76 scripts from motion picture westerns produced in the United States between 1929 and 1981.

John W. Wetherbee correspondence and printed notices, 1864-1869

John W. Wetherbee, Treasurer and chief investor for the Excelsior, New England and Invincible Mining Companies of Colorado wrote these letters to George W. Morrill and Henry Gardiner discussing news and management problems of the mines. Includes printed notices, 1867-1869, to the stockholders of the Excelsior Mining Company and the Hoosier Silver Lode.

Virginia Whitehill clippings collection, 1861-2016

Virginia Whitehill (1928-2018) was a civic activist and champion of women’s reproductive rights in Dallas, Texas. This collection comprises her collection of clippings, newspapers, magazines, books, printed materials, brochures, journal articles, pamphlets, professional publications, statements, as well as some audio/visual materials on topics related to women's rights issues.

Virginia Whitehill papers, 1880-2018

Virginia Whitehill (1928-2018) was a civic activist and champion of women’s reproductive rights in Dallas, Texas. The Virginia Whitehill papers comprise biographical materials, school records, photographs, awards, written materials, clippings, correspondence, artifacts including plaques, buttons, and t-shirts, as well as audiovisual materials. These materials document Virginia's childhood and education in New York, and her efforts as an activist for women's rights in Dallas, Texas.

Virginia Whitehill women's and children's rights collection, 1958-2016

Virginia Whitehill (1928-2018) was a civic activist and champion of women’s reproductive rights in Dallas, Texas. She founded the Dallas Committee to Study Abortion in 1969, and helped cofound numerous women's rights groups. This collection comprises materials from local, regional, and national organizations and includes: correspondence, newsletters, reports, directories, legislative agendas and notices, guides, ephemera, flyers, meetings files with agendas and minutes, pamphlets, brochures, statistics, programs, papers, and other printed materials.

Edith Wilmans campaign stationery, 1924 or 1926

Advertisements for Wilmans' gubernatorial campaign with slogans and pictures of the candidate. Stationery contains an incomplete, unsigned letter.

James K. Wilson family business collection, 1930-2013

This collection contains materials from James K. Wilson Sr. and James K. Wilson Jr. regarding their careers in the menswear retail industry. James K. Wilson Sr. founded Jas. K. Wilson Co. in Dallas in 1946. His son also ran the family business, and later held leadership positions with Hart, Schaffner and Marx, and Greif and Co.

John W. Wilson papers, 1940-2008

John W. Wilson was a Texas author and executive at Texas Instruments. His most famous work is High John the Conqueror , which was first published in 1948. This collection includes his manuscripts, correspondence, military records, and materials for the English classes he taught at Southern Methodist University after World War II.

Sylvan R. Wood papers, 1889-1969

Sylvan Rupert Wood was a railroad scholar of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. His papers include correspondence, American locomotive rosters, locomotive drawings, and railroad ephemera.

YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas records, 1847-ongoing

The Young Women’s Christian Association was organized to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of young women by providing classes and housing assistance. The YWCA of Dallas, Texas became a member of the YWCA of the United States of America on February 3, 1909. Covering the metropolitan Dallas area, programs include camping, homemaking and job skill courses, a rape crisis center, and a battered women’s shelter. This collection contains institutional records, deeds and titles; scrapbooks with clippings and photographs; photographic albums; slides, negatives and audio visual media; awards, plaques, certificates and acknowledgements of the YWCA accomplishments.

Brigham Young family account book, 1861-1863

This volume lists goods purchased by individual members of the Brigham Young family, including President Young, his wives, several of his children, and his brother Joseph's wives. Entries are primarily household items but also include supplies for a schoolhouse.

Joseph Zeppa collection of correspondence and ephemera

This collection mostly contains letters written by twentieth century military and political figures regarding books in the Joseph Zeppa collection at DeGolyer Library. Photographs and ephemera found in books are also included. Most of the letters are addressed to George Keating, who curated the book collection. Highlights include letters from Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman; a letter and drawing from Joseph Conrad (1925); and a letter from T.E. Lawrence regarding his annotations in his book returned to Keating (1925).


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