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Canvas Readings & Resources: Add Items

Options for Adding Items

After you set up the Reading List, you're ready to add items. You can also add collaborators so that others can add to your list.

  • If you are adding your own files to your list, you can add items directly in Canvas.
  • Library resources can be added directly in Canvas or through Library Search. We recommend Library Search for adding several library resources or if you need advanced searching. Physical books and media will be placed on course reserve after they have been processed by library staff.
  • Use the Cite It! bookmarklet to add items while browsing the web, including webpages, PDFs, and videos.
  • If you want to put a book or video on course reserve that SMU Libraries does not own, add it to your list. This will start a purchase request, and you can choose what format you prefer depending on availability.

Don't Forget to Publish

After you add items to your list, publish it so your class can see it. Items on course reserve will appear for students once they have been processed by library staff.

Image of publishing a course list

Add Items in Canvas

1. Open your Reading List and click on Add Items

2. Select the type of item to add. Scroll down for more info.

  • Add Library Resources searches SMU Libraries collection. Drag and drop them into your list. Only use this for adding known items, such as searching for a known title or author.
  • Add Other Resources allows you to upload files or fill out a form to add items. Use this option if you are adding books or videos that you want the library to purchase.
  • Add from My Collection lets you select items from SMU Libraries collections that you previously saved there.

Image of Adding Items from Readings & Resources

If you added a physical book or media item, you will be prompted to select the location and loan period for course reserve.

Add Items in Library Search

Once you've enabled Readings & Resources in your Canvas course and created a Reading List, you will be able to add items directly to that list from Library Search

In the item record, select the Course List button. 

Screenshot showing placement of Course List button in the Send To section of the Library Search record.

Select which Reading List and section to add it to. Once you've added your items, you can see the full list in Canvas. If you want to do this later, add to My Collection.

Note: For physical items added this way, library staff will assign the typical location and loan period. Follow up with them if you want to change the location or loan period.

List pop up

Add Items from the Web

You can add websites, PDFs, and videos to your list while browsing the internet with the Readings & Resources bookmarklet called Cite It!

  1. Install the bookmarklet. Open the user menu, then drag and drop the Cite It! button to your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  2. While browsing the internet, click Cite It! on your bookmarks bar in order to add to your Readings & Resources list. Note: If you have not yet opened up your Readings & Resources list during that browsing session, you will prompted to do that first. Then, use the Cite It! button.
  3. In the Cite It! window, edit the captured information as needed. At the bottom, select the list and the section to which the item should be added.
  4. If you link to books and media (like a book in Amazon) that SMU Libraries does not own, you will be asked if we should purchase it.