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Canvas Readings & Resources: Copy Lists

View Lists and Collection

You can view all your lists across courses. Your Collection allows you to save resources outside of a course list.


Rollover Lists from Previous Semesters

If you are teaching a course for which you had created a list in the past, there is an option to use that list when setting up your list for the current course.

Copy Lists from Other Sections

If you are teaching multiple concurrent sections of a course, you can associate a list with multiple concurrent courses.

  1. Go to Lists in Readings & Resources by clicking the menu on the top left next to SMU Libraries. You will now see the list associated with the current course.
  2. Toggle the filter on the right side in order to see all your lists.

     3. Locate the list you want to link. If you have many lists, you can use the search at the top.

     4. Click the elipsis next to the list you want to link. Choose to Manage course association.

     5. Select the courses you want connected to that list, then click Associate & Close.