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Arts Business Plan Research: International Entrepreneurship

Statistical Resources

International News

You can read some news just from the papers' free websites. But if you run into a page asking you to pay, DON'T PAY! Use one of the subscription options below. 

You may also want to access SMU's subscription to the New York Times, including its international pages. 

Other Recommended Resources

Search Strategies

  • Use country codes, regional search engines, or search terms in that language. Example Google search for dance schools in Lleida, Catalonia: escoles de ball Lleida
  • For demographics and other statistics, a good place to look is the governmental agencies.
  • For regional arts activity, start with the national arts agency, which you can find through this directory or through an Internet search. You may find out about specific projects that have been funded.
  • Look for blogs where people might post about local activity.
  • You might also find out about cultural activity on individual cities' websites.