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AMAE 6202 Strategic Planning: Resources

A course guide for the AMAE capstone class.

Arts Case Studies

Register for an account at the link below using your SMU email.

Then, either search for a keyword, or browse their reports under their For Members > Custom Research page.

Arts & Business Trade & Scholarly Journals

Local (Dallas or TX) Resources

DataArts Tools

DataArts is a research organization (based at SMU) that studies the arts in the United States. Several helpful free benchmarking tools and reports:

Need More Help?

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Naomi Schemm

Search on the Web

Searching on Google? 

  • Use site limiting to limit to only certain domains (URL endings). For example -- notice no space after site:
  • arts incubator policies
  • arts co-working space rental prices

Keep in mind, though, that not all incubators will necessarily use a .org ending, and for-profit companies can now use a .org too (not just nonprofits).

  • Use the filetype: limiter to limit to certain file types -- perhaps filetype:.pdf or filetype:.xls would be helpful for financials or business plans of other arts incubators.

Searching on Google Scholar for other scholarly content?

  • Add LibKey Nomad, a browser extension, in order to connect easily to SMU's subscription resources.