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ADV 4399: Advertising Campaigns: Overview

A guide for Gordon Law's students in ADV 4399, Spring 2024.

Industry Overviews & Analysis

Consumer Demographics & Attitudes

Advertising-specific sources may address attitudes toward craft brews, sober curious lifestyle, etc.

High-level demographic tools like the U.S. Census can reliably answer "big picture" questions like, how many people in Texas are between ages 35-39, or are married, or have an advanced degree? 

Competitor Products & Advertising Copy

Social media and general web searches can be great for this. However, recognize that Google (or Bing, etc.) changes what results you see, based on your past searches! So try to use an Incognito or Private browser, have multiple people do the same search, and see what results are different.

General news article searching is useful to see what competitor products are being mentioned. If you run into paywalls, use our subscription links below for access to multiple newspapers at once. 

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Class materials

Advanced Google

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Evaluate sources carefully:

  • Who are the authors? What is their authority or expertise on this subject, if any?
  • What are their claims? 
  • If they are making claims about consumer attitudes, follow the poll or opinion link back to its original source. Verify claims actually are what they say they are!

How to's

Research Help by Topic