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MKTG 6230: Customer Engagement and Loyalty Management: Overview

General Airlines Resources


Company website

Check a company's website to see what they say about themselves.  Look for press releases and other information on how the company is involved in the community.   Ethics statements or other governing documents may also be available.  Companies often put their annual reports on their websites.  Look for links like ‘Investor Information/Relations’ or ‘About Us’.

Dallas Morning News

Another website you may find useful is the Dallas Morning News Airline Biz blog, which can be found at this link

Search Engines

Use a search engine to search on airline loyalty program or airline frequent flyer. Limit your results to news to find articles discussing this topic. 

Why Do I Need This Guide?

This research guide provides access to resources useful for MKTG 6230. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the databases available from the Business Library to research Southwest Airlines and the airline industry.  Learn how to find company profiles, financial reports, and industry profiles.