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Engaged Learning: Approval Phase

Engaged Learning Process

Whenever you are doing library research,
Ask a Librarian to help you craft a more efficient, effective search strategy.

For Engaged Learning projects, there are are several research phases.

  • Presearch:  Identify your research area and explore possibilities for your research fellowship.
  • Search:  Find relevant research similar to what you want to accomplish as you develop your proposal.

Before beginning your project, make sure it meets research compliance standards

  • Research:   As you analyze results and prepare to present your findings, perform another literature review.
    Your experience will inform how you seek out more pertinent publications for your final project. 


This guide provides some practical advice for students engaging in undergraduate research:

  • Self-monitoring the information seeking process: cognitive, emotional, and physical.
  • Using a research timeline.
  • Depicting the research process and the role researchers play as part of the larger scholarly conversation.
  • Showing how RefWorks can make citing sources easier.
  • Offering advice on proposal writing and suggesting resources for further exploration.
  • Consulting with their librarian to assist with research.

Your Librarian

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