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LAW 8308: History of Anglo-American Legal Institutions: Texas

Prepared for Professor Joshua Tate's History of Anglo-American Legal Institutions course

Historical Statutes


  • Among the many historical Texas legal publications, HeinOnline's State Statutes: A Historical Archive collection contains Gammel's Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 and numerous other 19th century statutory compilations.
  • HeinOnline's Session Laws Library contains Texas session laws back to 1836.

 Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620-1926

There are forty-five 19th century Texas publications in this database, most of which are compilations of statutes. These publications are also available in the library's print collection.

Selected Books and Articles on Texas Legal History

  • Michael S. Ariens, Lone Star Law: A Legal History of Texas (2011) [KFT1278 .A75 2011].

  • Centennial History of the Texas Bar, 1882-1982 (State Bar of Texas 1981) [KF332.T45 S743].

  • Daffan Gilmer, Early Courts and Lawyers of Texas, 12 Tex. L. Rev. 435 (1934).

  • Karl T. Gruben & James E. Hambleton, Reference Guide to Texas Law and Legal History: Sources and Documentation (2d ed. 1987).

  • The Handbook of Texas includes many law-related topics and usually provides detailed source notes.

  • Darwin PayneAs Old as Dallas Itself: A History of the Lawyers of Dallas, the Dallas Bar Associations, and the City They Helped Build (1999) [2nd floor: KFT1278 .P39 1999].

  • John C. Townes, Development of the Texas Judicial System, 2 Q. Tex. St. Hist. Ass'n 1 (1898).

  • Clarence Wharton, Early Judicial History of Texas, 12 Tex. L. Rev. 311 (1934).

  • Lelia Clark Wynn, A History of the Civil Courts in Texas, 60 Sw. Hist. Q. 1 (1956).

HeinOnline Texas Historical Legal Periodical Articles

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