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Search for Data: Data by Subject

Business and Economics

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Depending on your data needs, also look at data for other social sciences.


There is not one recommended database to find datasets for humanities research. It depends on the type of data you are looking for as well as when that data might have been collected. If you don't see any resources of interest on this guide, contact your librarian.

Physical Sciences

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Social Sciences

There are many other potential sources for data in the social sciences. If you don't find what you need with this guide, contact your librarian.

Text Mining and Library Databases

If you are planning a research project on text data extracted from a library database, you must contact your subject librarian to discuss permissions, formats, and fees. For other types of data, contact us for help if the database does not make it clear how to download data.

In addition to copyright considerations, we must take into account the libraries' licensing agreement with the vendor for this specific kind of use.