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WRTR 1313: Religion in Public Life: Overview

Background Information

Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Resources

Information resources should reflect their creators’ expertise and credibility. When searching for information outside of scholarly resources (and sometimes with scholarly resources), you need to ask yourself why you should trust the author of this published information.

  • What is the author's expertise in this field? Have they published a great deal on this topic? 
  • Do others have conflicting opinions on this topic? What is their experience in this field?

Where to Find Resources

As you look for resources for your research paper, consider where scholars may be having conversations about this topic. Practices and rituals may be discussed in anthropology journals, dress codes and regulations may be covered in studies about gender bias, and conscientious exemptions might be written about in gender studies journals. See the tabs at the top of this guide for information specific to each of the foci for this research assignment.

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