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Cultural Intelligence Resources: Overview

Cultural Intelligence Resources Overview

This resource has been created to: 

1. Prevent marginalized communities from the burden of educating others on issues that impact their lives every day. 

2. Inform the SMU campus of current and ongoing social justice issues that directly affect many members of our community.

Most importantly, these resources only matter if you use them. Change begins with understanding. 

This is a living guide and resources will be added and updated by semester. 

Recommended Reading Lists

If you are looking for reading lists, here are a few that we recommend. 


Below are a selection of toolkits that include reading and follow up activities to help you to discuss race.

In Our Collections

Find anti-racist resources in our collection. Titles featured in the reading lists section will be available here. 


If you would like to recommend a resource to be added to our collection please submit a purchase request.

Recommend Resources To Be Added To This Guide

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