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SPAN 4331: Commercial Spanish: International News

Spanish Language News

You can read some news just from the papers' free websites. See some Google search tips in the box to the right.

But if a newspaper website asks you to pay, DON'T PAY! Use one of the subscription options below. 

You may also want to access SMU's subscription to the full New York Times website and app, including its international pages, but that will be in English, not Spanish.

Other Recommended Resources

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Naomi Schemm

Google Search Tips

  • You can use "site limiting" to search only within a specific site or a specific domain ending. 
  • URL domain endings for a specific country can be helpful. Example Google search to find sites with the URL domain ending for Chile: Enagas  No space between the colon and the URL you want to search within!
  • Look up the relevant country URL domain codes
  • Other times, the news site may be entirely in Spanish but still use the .com URL ending, such as The site may not have a clear search box, but you can still search the site by doing a Google search like this: Melia hotels
  • For demographics and other statistics, a good place to look is the governmental agencies.
  • Look up the relevant statistical agency and website for your country