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Find Places to Publish: Overview

Getting Started

  • What type of manuscript do you have -- original research, review, case study, short report, etc.?
  • Where have articles that are similar to yours been published?
  • Where are the articles you cited in your research published?
  • Who is your audience? Who are you writing for? Where does that audience go to read about research in their field?
  • Are there professional societies or organizations in your field? If so, do they have conferences or journals?

Resources for Finding Journals

Start by searching databases in your discipline for articles on a similar subject, and note what journals they are published in.

Need more help?

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Getting Ready to Publish

Why is it important to know about the many avenues for publication?

  • Discover the broader landscape of journals that exist, beyond the ones that your professor or colleagues have told you about.
  • Find more journal options to submit your research results to.
  • Don't fall victim to predatory publishers; learn how to evaluate journals.

More Ways to Learn