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Getting Ready to Publish: Finding Sources for Publishing: Home


Getting Ready to Publish

Many graduate students, early career researchers, and/or young scholars sometimes are so focused on their research, that they do not even think about, or know, the many avenues available to them to submit their manuscripts to, until or when, they are ready to start publishing the results of their research. 


Finding Places to Publish
Why is it important to know about the many avenues for publication that are out there?

  • Discover the broader landscape of journals that exist, beyond the ones that your professor or colleagues have told you about
  • Find more journal options to submit your research results to
  • Don't fall victim to predatory publishers; learn how to evaluate journals

Factors to think about

Where have similar articles been published?

  • Finding such articles
    • ​Search your library's system and look at the journals in which such articles have been published
    • Search a database for articles on similar subject; look at the journals
    • Search the list of journals your library subscribes to by subject, to come up with journals that publish in that area


Find a journal with high impact

  • How is the journal ranked, compared with others in the field?