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HIST 6306: Disease and Epidemics in World History: Overview

Introduction to the Digital Humanities: Disease and Epidemics in World History


  • HIST 6306
  • Introduction to the Digital Humanities: Disease and Epidemics in World History
  • Dr. Bianca Lopez
  • Fall 2022


Gather Background Information

Gathering Background Information

As you get started, you can get ideas from class discussions or readings.

If it is a topic you are just getting started with, look for background Information in reference resources.

Reference resources allow you to:

  • Gain familiarity with the topic
  • Identify more specific aspects of the topic on which to focus
  • Provide context and identify differing perspectives
  • Identify experts related to the topic



Once you have identified a topic, select the terms and phrases that are essential to understanding the topic.

  • How should you search?
    • Where (what databases) should you search?
    • What search terms should you use? Does your assignment give you any search terms?
      • Should you use Natural language search (using key words), or Controlled Vocabulary search (using subject term search)?
    • Will Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT) help?
    • Will limiting by date or place of publication help?
    •  If you are using a database heavily:
      • 1. use advanced search
      • 2. and look in help for suggestions on how to construct your search

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