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CISB 2379: Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Overview

Entrepreneurial Ideation Resources

Industry Reports

When searching for industry information, it is helpful to note NAICS codes that can be used as search terms in other databases. 

Government & Funding Sources

Sample APA Citations

These examples are based on APA 7th edition, but have been modified to meet the requirements of SMU Cox School of Business instructors. Check with your professor regarding the appropriate citation style for your course.

The following is an example of references on a reference page for the type of articles you will be using for this assignment. Examples of in-text references can be found in Citing Business Sources.


American Airlines Group, Inc. (2022). American Airlines Group, Inc. [Corporate structure]. Retrieved from

Clarence-Smith, L. and Knowles, T. (2020, June 6). Elon Musk ‘considers Bristol for new Tesla factory’. Times Newspapers Limited. Retrieved from Factiva database

eMarketer. (2022, February). Retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2014-2025. [Chart]. Statista. Retrieved from

FTSE Russell. (2022). Wireless telecommunications services [Industry profile]. First Research. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database

Maldonado, C. (2022, May). Private equity, hedge funds, and investment vehicles in the U.S. [Industry outlook]. IBISWorld Industry Report 52599. Retrieved from IBISWorld database

Robuck, M. (2020, January 31). Amazon Web Services: A knockout performance in Q4. Fierce Telecom. Retrieved from Business Insights Global database

Statista. (2021). Electric vehicles in Japan. Retrieved from

U.S. Department of Energy. (2021, June 24). 2021 Technology Commercialization Fund Project Selections. Office of Technology Transitions. Retrieved from

Why Do I Need This Guide?

During this course, you will be investigating entrepreneurial ideation and startup opportunities. This research guide page will direct you toward quality resources to ensure success with this specific topic.

CISB 2379 Library Resources Presentation

Further Your Skills with Workshops

The one-hour, hands on Industry & Market Research and Demographic & Consumer Research workshops focus on effective and efficient use of the resources you will need to successfully complete your assignment.

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