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RefWorks Citation Manager: Edit Citations

Why Would I Want to Edit a Citation?

There are a number of good reasons to want to modify the citation information for a record. Here are a few:

  • Occasionally, RefWorks has difficulty interpreting metadata or there is something wrong with the information, such as someone's name in all capital letters; so, you will want to correct it so that your citation is correct.
  • RefWorks will not always grab a pdf and save it along with the citation. You easily can do this manually by downloading the pdf, then adding the attachment while in edit mode.
  • You may have your own tags to assign to a source or want to make notes.

Getting to the Edit Mode

1) Click on the record you want to modify.

Image for "click on the record you want to modify."


2) Click on "Edit the selected document" in the column on the right.

Click on the pencil to "Edit the selected document".


There are two ways to edit citations: auto-fixing and manually editing them. Keep reading to learn how to do each of these.

Auto-Fixing Citations

1) Make corrections by using auto-fix.
Click on the lightning bolt to "Find and complete a reference using the title."

2) Save!
Click on "Save" to update your citation.

Manually Editing Citations

1) Modify and annotate the record yourself.

Type in your own corrections.

2) Save!


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