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Researcher Profiles & IDs: ResearcherID

What is ResearcherID?

ResearcherID is a unique identifier for researchers on Publons, Web of Science, and InCites. It is used by researchers to track their publications and ensure their publications are correctly attributed to them across Web of Science collections. Publons allows researchers to easily add publications, track citations, and manage their Web of Science record.

Benefits of a ResearcherID

  • Add publications, track citations, and ensure their publication records are correctly attributed across Web of Science (all for free and without requirement for institutional entitlements).
  • Build a more complete profile of research impact by automatically tracking peer review and editorial history alongside publications.
  • Publications can be imported from Web of Science or ORCID, or through searches or uploads.
  • Metrics are available to monitor the scope and reach of publications (including h-index).

Web of Science's Process

  • Each night, Publons assigns a Web of Science ResearcherID to any profiles with one or more Web of Science Core Collection-indexed publications that do not yet have a ResearcherID. 
  • Any publications you add to your Publons profile will then be linked to your Web of Science ResearcherID when anyone searches for you on Web of Science.  
  • Please allow up to two weeks for changes you make on Publons to be reflected on Web of Science.