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Wellness @ Fondren: Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks

Psychology Today has found that taking various types of breaks while working or studying are essential. 

  1. Getting up and moving a bit improves your mental and emotional health.
  2. Breaks can prevent "decision fatigue". 
  3. Breaks can restore motivation.
  4. Breaks can increase productivity and creativity.
  5. "Waking rest" (taking a break) helps consolidate memories and improve learning.

This page compiles some of our favorite break activities!

Coloring Breaks

Research shows that coloring can reduce anxiety, improve mindfulness, and are just calming from their nostalgic properties. 

Cooking Breaks

You need food to power your brain and body for efficient studying. Here are some baking and snack recipes and suggestions.

Animal Breaks

A study show that petting animals for even 10 minutes can reduce stress greatly. Even if you don't have a pet available to pet, studies show that watching cute animal videos can reduce stress and boost productivity!

Brain Breaks Table

Visit the Brain Breaks Table in Fondren in the Prothro Commons near study room 101. Pick up a new craft kit every month and get crafty with a project inspired by Meadows Museum collections!