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Scholarly Research in Education: Overview

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Rebecca Graff

Finding Peer-Reviewed Research in Education

General tips:

  • Start with a broad keyword search in the databases at the left and use the limiters (usually along the left side) to narrow and focus your results.
  • Read the abstracts of several articles. Note additional keywords and subject terms to re-run your search. 
  • Collect more than you are planning to use and evaluate and examine their references. 
  • Browse the Thesaurus (top bar in EBSCO screen) for appropriate subject terms.
  • Watch for journals that specialize in your topic and browse those journals.  
  • Note the names of authors working in your area of interest and search them by name.
  • Do a citation search for articles that cite your articles in Google Scholar or Web of Science.

To cross-search the databases (search more than one at a time), select "Choose databases" on the EBSCO screen next to the database name and select additional databases from the list. This will dramatically enlarge your search results.