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APSM 4315 Senior Project: Overview

Research tools for the class in summer 2023.

Demographics, Psychographics, and At Risk Factors

Your project proposal to Allstate includes some type of sports-based intervention for at-risk youth in the Dallas area. 

You need to know something about the youth in your particular area. More specific geography = better. 

You also need to know something about what factors make the youth in that area be at risk. Census data and some national surveys can help with both of these needs. 

Effective Sports Interventions

Do NOT just search for youth plus the name of your sport. You will get thousands of results. 

Instead, think about:

  1. What type of positive effect on at-risk youth might be caused by a sports intervention? (better grades, less delinquency/criminal behavior, less getting in trouble at school, more resilience, more social-emotional learning or life skills, better mental health, increased confidence or leadership skills...)
  2. Use some combination of keywords related to the above effects.

Remember that many of the databases below come from EBSCO. Use this shortcut to search multiple EBSCO databases at once, rather than each individually: 

  1. Open any one of these EBSCO databases below
  2. Select Choose Databases (beneath the top search box)
  3. Check the boxes for these other databases too, and Save:

screenshot of Ebsco search screen, including databases: Academic search complete, education source, educational administration abstracts, eric, professional development collection, psychology and behavioral sciences collection, soc index, sport discus, APA PsycInfo

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