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ANTH 3303: Self, Culture and Mind: Overview

Recommended Resources

Scholarly Journals

Additional Databases

These databases are useful for specific syndromes being discussed in your papers. Note the syndromes listed below each resource; if your topic is not in the list, the database may not be as helpful.

PubMed is useful for the following syndromes:

  • Amok/amuk/ngamuk (Malaysia)
  • Ataque de nervios (Latinx)
  • Berserkr (Old Norse)
  • Boufee Delirante (West Africa and Haiti)
  • Brain fag syndrome (West Africa)
  • Dhat Syndrome (India, Sanskrit)
  • Hikikomori (Japan)
  • Hwabyung (Korea)
  • Koro (Southeast Asia)
  • Kufungisisa (Zimbabwe)
  • Latah (East Asia)
  • Pibloktoq (Arctic Indigenous)
  • Shenjing shuario (China)
  • Susto (Latin America)
  • Taijin Kyofushi (Japan)
  • TikTok Tourette's (United States)
  • Zar (North Africa, Middle East)

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Helpful Hints

  • Some syndromes may have variations in spelling, like "shenjing shuairo" and "shenjing shuairuo." Try using the variants in different searches, or add the spelling variants to your search box by using "or" to connect the phrases, like "amok" OR "amuk" OR "ngamuk".
  • Depending on the syndrome, sometimes the location is helpful, and sometimes it limits what you will find. Try searching both ways to evaluate the results.