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HIST 2314: India and Mexico/American Southwest: Overview


  • Hist 2314  (Spring 2021)
  • On the Edges of Empire: India and Mexico/American Southwest
  • Professors:
    • R M. Ball-Phillips
    • N. Foley


Whenever you are searching for information ask yourself:

  • What am I looking for?
    • Background information, general overview, very specific or specialized information/analysis
  • Where should I look for this information?
    • Where you look impacts the types of materials you will find.
    • Search engines looking at open web, vs. library catalog, vs. general database, vs.specialized database
      • Library resources are generally: curated by people who assume that patrons will be doing academic research
        • Library resources will tell you what kind of content they contain.
        • There will usually be contextual information about the material.
      • Search results on the open web (materials you find when you use a search engine like Google) are not curated by people, and are algorithmically determined, often with a emphasis on popularity and engagement over accuracy.
        • You will have to figure out the contextual information and determine accuracy.
  • How am I searching?
    • Should I use the Simple/Basic search or the Advanced search option?
    • Natural language search using key words, or subject term search,or Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Who is responsible for this information?
    • Who created this information? Who published it? Who is hosting it online?

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