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STRA 4370: Strategic Management: Research Resources

Company Resources

Industry Resources

Article Resources

1. Select topics from the industry reports above.

2. Find articles to support/refute.

3. Create your analysis.

Why Do I Need This Guide?

You are doing a strategic analysis of a company within an industry. This requires you to use high-quality research resources to investigate the company and industry in order to arrive at your conclusions. You will need to integrate financial, accounting, marketing and management sources. Start with the resources on this page.

STRA 4370 Library Presentation Resources

Further Your Skills with Workshops

The Business Library offers one-hour, hands-on Business Research workshops that focus on effective and efficient use of the resources you will need to successfully complete your assignment.

Need a different time? If you have a group of 4 or more, we can add a session for you. Send your request to Ask a Business Librarian.