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MNGT 6210: Global Leadership Program: Overview

Diving into the Databases for Global Programs

1. Download the appropriate Word document below which contains all the requirements to complete your journey through the databases described in this research guide.

2. For each database you will find the required information. Use the tabs at the top of the page to access the databases.

3. Take a screenshot of your result.

4. You will also create citations in the APA format for those results and place them in an alphabetized resources list.

You may be asked to turn in the Word document with the screenshots replaced by your results and the alphabetized resources list for your results at the end. Even if this is not a course requirement, going through this exercise will help you learn the strengths of each resource.

Why Do I Need This Guide?

This research guide provides access to resources useful for global programs courses (e.g., BAEX, MGMT). It provides instructions on how to use the databases available from the Business Library for your research. Use the tabs to find country overviews, articles, company information, statistical data, market research and economic information.