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Juvenile Collection - Children's Books: Overview

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Description of the Collection

The Juvenile Collection is a small collection of pre-K to young adult books, located on the south wall of Fondren Library Red 2. It covers all subject areas and both fiction and non-fiction. It's organized in Library of Congress call number order (starting at call numbers A on the left and ending with Z on the right).  All levels are intermixed by topic.   

Call Number Ranges for the Juvenile Collection

A - BL Religion and magic
D - E - F  History
GR - GT Folk tales
P Language and literature
PE 1155   Alphabet books
PE 1628 Juvenile dictionaries
PN Literature (general)
PN 6110 Poetry, Mother Goose, plays
PN 6371 Riddles
PN 6727-6790 Comic books and graphic novels
PR British literature

American literature

PZ Fiction
PZ 5 Collections
PZ 6 Early to 1860/1870
PZ 7 General juvenile fiction - Alphabetical by author last name
PZ 7.7 More graphic novels
PZ 8

Fairy tales

PZ 8.1       Folklore, legends, romance
PZ 8.2


PZ 8.3 Stories in rhyme
PZ 10.3 Animal stories
PZ 73-78 Languages - Spanish
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
Z Bibliographies and information resources

Juvenile Literature Resources

Need More Help?

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Naomi Schemm


Often children and teens who are dealing with issues find that books can help.  Whether they are read by a parent or other caring adult or are offered for teens to read, books can provide new perspectives and comforting thoughts about such issues as death in the family, divorce, self-esteem, bullying, and others. Here are a few resources to help you locate the right book for your needs.