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U.S. Government: Legislative

Find Bills, Committee Reports, Hearings, and More

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Guide to the Legislative Branch

Information sources from the federal legislative branch include the committee work, bills, and laws that are voted on in Congress as well as the voting records for individual legislators.

What is a statute?

What are bills and resolutions?

What are hearings?

What is the Congressional Record?

Quick Tips for Finding Bills and Laws

  • Try searching in Wikipedia by topic or popular name of a bill or statute. Wikipedia articles on these include links to the official U.S. Code.
  • For bills, allows for searching by popular name.
  • Sometimes, the corresponding government agency website has information about related laws. 
  • To narrow results to a specific bill or law or related documents, use the official public law or bill number. Numbers can be found in, Wikipedia, U.S. Code, etc.