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CISB 6237: Global Explorations in Entrepreneurship: Overview

Global Opportunity Identification Resources

  • Hover over Reports in the top menu to see choices for Market Studies, Industry Reports, and Country Reports. Click on Global Survey from the top menu to find surveys covering over 50 industries and markets worldwide.
  • When viewing individual statistics or charts, click the Source tab to see the origin of the data, which potentially can lead to further information.  Select the Citation option to copy the APA or MLA formatted citation.
  • Industries tab at the top of the page contains many consumer-focused markets. After selecting, use Country Reports box to select Geograpy. Reports lead to statistics that can be exported to Excel and other related reports.
  • Consumers tab at the top of the page will lead to statistics and trends for target markets. After selecting a topic such as Households, use Country Reports box to select Geography. Reports lead to statistics that can be exported to Excel and other related reports such as Future Demographics.
  • Economies tab at the top of the page will provide general information on the country and detailed reports on major cities. Further city statistics can be found by following these instructions:
  1. Select the blue search tab, then choose cities in the Full Tree dropdown menu. Expand the Cities Categories & Topics and place a check mark at least two criteria desired, such as Economy > GDP or its sub-menu items. Select the Next button.
  2. Click the "Geographies" tab, select the continent >country >city name to include it.
  3. Press the Search button to view data sets with adjustable dates and column filters. Click the download tab - must enter name & SMU email - to obtain your city data file to open Excel.

Business Culture Resources

Why Do I Need This Guide?

During this course, you will be investigating entrepreneurial opportunities in other countries. This research guide page will direct you toward quality resources to ensure success.


BAEX 6237 Library Resources Presentation

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The one-hour, hands on International Business Research and Demographic & Consumer Research workshops focus on effective and efficient use of the resources you will need to successfully complete your assignment.

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