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Grant Writing for Arts: Organizations

National Grant Organizations

Organizations in Dallas

Organizations in North Texas, Texas, and the Southwest

Crowdfunding Organizations

Types of Organizations

Granting institutions can be federal, private foundations, microgrants, or even a crowdsourcing fund, such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe. Applicants should be familiar with the following aspects of grants and their funding organizations.

  • Types of applications: Will the organization fund individuals or other non-profit organizations, or both? 
  • Annual amount: Is the grant large enough to cover what you need, or do you need to more than one funding source? Smaller grants can also be helpful cumulatively, and you can leverage these grants by listing any of these received funds on applications for larger grants.
  • Geographic area: Which regions are the grants limited to?
  • Areas of funding: Does the institution fund arts initiatives?
  • Are there gaps in the information you can't find about the institution? How can you find this information out?

Helpful Resources