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Fashion Media: Fashion as Industry

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Fashion Industry Resources

Fashion Industry Associations

Industry associations advocate for the economic impact and policy priorities of its members and conduct research, which may be available for free to non-members. Look for things like "Resources," "News," "Insights," "Reports," etc.

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Tips for Researching Brands and Companies

  • Using the company name as a keyword gives results focused on business rather than fashion.
  • A brand name can be different than the company name. Search Google for the brand name with the keyword "company."
  • Public companies, unlike private companies, are required to report their financial details in annual reports.
  • Sometimes companies have a separate website for the company itself that can be very useful. Be aware that they will not report on negative aspects of the company. (Example: is the company that owns the brand Zara.)
  • Wikipedia articles on the company can be a good place to get started, but don't rely on them as a final source. You can find clues from them about dates and important events to search in more authoritative sources, like newspaper and trade magazine articles, press releases, and the company website.