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BUSE 3331: The Business of Energy: Overview

Part One: Tracking prices and stock

Stock Prices

Yahoo Finance is an online tool that can help you find daily stock prices.  Access Yahoo Finance and type your company name in the search box.  Once your company is returned, in the left side menu click Historical Prices to see open, high, low and closing prices.

Gas Prices

Henry Hub Spot Price can help you track your daily gas prices 

Oil Prices

Brent-Europe oil prices can be tracked on the EIA website 

Daily Futures Prices

Daily future prices for oil and natural gas. Look for the first month's contract available.

Part Two: Company Research

Company Websites

A company will also post its annual reports and filings on their website.  You will usually look for a tab marked Investors, which may be under the About Us section of a website. Also in this area of a website is where you will most likely find news or press releases


Why Do I Need This Guide?

The resources on this page will help you with your class exercise for BUSE 3331.

These resources have been compiled by the library in conjunction with your professor.