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BLI 1210: Business Communications: Business Library Research Assignment

Company & Industry Resources

Sample APA Citations

These citations are based on APA 7th edition but have been modified to meet the requirements of SMU Cox School of Business instructors. Check with your professor regarding the appropriate citation style for your course.

The following is an example of references on a reference page for the type of sources you will be using for this assignment. Examples of in-text references can be found in Citing Business Sources.


American Airlines Group, Inc. (2021). American Airlines Group, Inc. [Corporate structure]. Retrieved from

Company Website Plain English Example: Corporation/Group/Organization Name. (Year Website was last updated/published). Title of website. (Tab/Section Information was retrieved from). Retrieved from URL

Egan, S. (2020, October). Car & automobile manufacturing in the U.S. IBISWorld Industry Report 33611a. Retrieved from IBISWorld database

First Research. (2020). Wireless telecommunications services [Industry profile]. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database

FTSE Russell. (2020). Verizon Communications, Inc. [Competitors list]. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database

Gambardella, A. (2020, April). Private equity, hedge funds, and investment vehicles in the U.S. [Industry Outlook]. IBISWorld Industry Report 52599. Retrieved from IBISWorld database

Hughes, J. & Ertel, D. (2020, July/August). What is your negotiation strategy? Harvard Business Review, 98(4), 66-75. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database

The NBA’s top earners. (2021, February/March). Forbes, Inc. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database

Value Line. (2020, May 1). Adobe Systems. Value Line Investment Survey. Retrieved from Value Line Research Center

Why Do I Need This Guide?

It is important for you to know how to find authoritative sources for your company, its industry, as well as articles that indicate a company's trends. This research guide contains access to and information about sources you will use in this course to ensure success as you progress through your business classes and into your career. 

BLI 1210 Class Presentation

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