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AMAE 3322 Marketing the Arts: Resources

Your Organization and Your Competitors

Nonprofits all must file a Form 990 with the IRS, even though they don't file taxes. Use Guidestar (create free account) to look up the organization's basic profile and view several years of its 990s

NOTE: Some organizations' legal names don't match their public-facing names! For example, Bishop Arts Theatre Center is legally Teco Theatrical Productions.

Industry Information

Research the industry of your organization (for example, live theater) as well as nearby competitors (for example, music performances or live comedy shows). 

Information here helps to create your SWOT or PESTLE analysis, because it shows the bigger issues affecting the whole industry, not just your organization. 

Arts Trade & Scholarly Journals

Read some articles here both about your organization, the industry, and consumers: 

  • Your specific group may or may not be mentioned. Search for the name in quotation marks, like "Bishop Arts Theatre", to check.
  • If not, you can still use these for analysis of similar nonprofit groups or competitors with a similar mission. 
  • You can also look for articles talking about industry trends and consumer preferences in the arts and in marketing, even if it's not specific to your industry.

Local Resident Demographics

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