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SMU Athletic History: Books

This is a selection of some, but not all, of the many books that document Mustang athletic history.

Library Catalog

Be sure to balance broad Keyword searches on the Basic search interface of the library catalog with more focused Advanced searches; both kinds of searches are important.

One type of advanced search involves the "subject headings" established by the Library of Congress to describe what books are about (these are referred to as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, or LCSH).  The LCSH have their own field in our library catalog, and they can be useful in obtaining precise search results. For instance, once you find a book that seems helpful, you can click on the subject headings that appear in the catalog record for that book. Here's an example of where to look for the subject headings:

Once you click on any one of these subject headings, you will be pointed to other resources that have been assigned the same subject heading.  This is an effective way of conducting focused searches, especially after you have established the general outlines of your topic.