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Simmons Insights Training: Tips

Browsing for Variables

  • Sometimes it's easier to browse for variables instead of guessing at keywords in the survey. You may also discover questions that you have that you had not thought of.
  • Open the menu next to the search box, and use the arrows next to the various folders to browse for questions.
  • The definitions folder contains commonly used combinations of variables, like Gender Age Combos, Geographies, and Generations.
  • Blue text are folders, and red text are questions.



Combining Variables

  • You may have a specific segment you want to understand, and using AND, OR, NOT, or XOR makes that possible. These appear automatically under the search screen.
  • AND means you want a group that represents both variables. For example, you might want to know about men who are 18 - 24, combining the gender and age variables.
  • OR means you want a group that represents either variables.
  • NOT means you want to exclude that variable.
  • XOR means you want a group that represents either variables but not both.

Boolean terms "and" "Or" "XOR" "(" ")"



Setting a Base

  • A base is the group that you are comparing the target against, instead of the default group of adults in the United States.
  • For example, if you are looking at a target group of people who drink orange juice and you set a base of men, you will be comparing men who drink orange juice to men in general.
  • You set a base in the same way you set a target, or choose variables for your columns and rows.
  • Setting a base changes the index numbers (see Reading Results).

Tips for Quick Reports

  • Demographic survey - Be careful with using the numbers for income on this chart. People with 100,000k and over is a large category of people, so most charts skew heavily towards this category.
  • Segmentation - Look for the drop menu to choose the topic of your segmentation (food lifestyle, health, retail shopping, etc.).
  • For media use reports, you must switch the study to the Connect survey. 

"Spring 2016 Simmons Connect" circled in red