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Myth and Religion in Antiquity: Home

Resources located at Bridwell pertaining to religions around the Mediterranean from 3500 BCE to 500 CE


This guide offers a comprehensive list of resources available to scholars of antiquity spanning 3500 BCE to 500 CE on the topic of mythology and religion in civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea.  Resources may be found in closed stacks, special collections, and special reference.  The bibliography includes books and artifacts available for study at the Bridwell Library.

Each civilization tab will include a brief introduction to the culture/religion, the list of the subcategories that the resources are separated in, a list of helpful keywords for independent catalog searches, and the list of Bridwell resources.

Home Page

Complete Civilization List (roughly chronologically)

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Near East
  • Minoan and Mycenaean Civilization
  • Phoenician Civilization 
  • Early Judaism
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Early Christianity

The items listed in this research guide present scholars the unique opportunity to access authentic sources first hand.  The books are often primary sources or excellent commentary on primary sources.  Moreover, scholars receive the advantage of looking over original publications that are not interpreted.  Thus, they can evaluate them personally and come to their own conclusions.

Bridwell presents an unparalleled collection that is easily accessible for anyone – students, faculty and the public.  These scholars get to directly handle manuscripts and books from hundreds of years ago, and touch artifacts from thousands of years in the past.  This experience is both rewarding and inspiring.  The resources are here, right at your fingertips.  All you have to do is make an appointment to see them.

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