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Collaborate on Research: Overview

Find Collaborators

Sources for finding collaborative partners can be both formal and informal.

  • Look for those doing similar work within your institution. 
  • Find colleagues from professional associations or conferences.
  • Read the scholarly literature, e.g., journals, articles, newsletters; explore databases of funded projects like the NSF; and review conference programs for your field.
  • Set up a digital network by connecting through academic social media sites and creating a scholarly profile for yourself.

When you have identified a possible collaborator, get an address or contact information and write to express interest.


Conferences highlight vital new research. Find out about conferences in your area of interest.

Digital Networking

Many academics keep professional websites and blogs to publicize their work and continue scholarly conversations. This can be another way to connect with possible research partners; such websites can be found by searching the web for author names and their professional affiliations.

Digital Repositories

The places you share your articles can also be places where you’ll find collaborators.

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Why Collaborate?

Researchers who collaborate are generally said to produce work that is more impactful in terms of reach and citation count.

Collaboration can exist on different levels, between faculty, students, and the community.