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LAW 6342: Issues in International & Domestic Oil & Gas Law: OGEL

Prepared for Professor John S. Lowe’s Issues in International & Domestic Oil & Gas Law course, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University (Fall 2022)

OGEL: Oil, Gas, & Energy Law Portal (Primary & Secondary Authorities)

OGEL: Oil, Gas, and Energy Law. Self-described as "a peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of law pertaining to oil, gas, and energy in general. Since the first issue was published in 2003 it has gained popularity with a large number of (international) energy companies, governmental organisations, law firms, international agencies, academic and think-tank institutions in the field of energy policy and various NGOs." It is a “global energy law and regulation portal," that provides current information to ”oil-gas-energy" lawyers and others. The focus is worldwide. Principal features include the following.

  • Secondary sources:  Contains articles by “oil-gas-energy" lawyers, academics, government officials, and other energy specialists. OGEL's journal features five or six issues annually, most of which contain articles devoted to a specific topic.
  • Primary sources: “legal and regulatory” documents arranged by country or document type, many of which are in their country’s native language. Document categories include the following.
    • awards
    • cases
    • contracts and agreements
    • forms and model instruments
    • guidelines, codes and standards
    • international treaties and related instruments
    • investment arbitration awards
    • laws and regulations
    • reports/articles