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LAW 6342: Issues in International & Domestic Oil & Gas Law: Oil & Gas Transactions - Treatises, Institutes, Selected Articles

Prepared for Professor John S. Lowe’s Issues in International & Domestic Oil & Gas Law course, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University (Fall 2022)

U.S. Oil & Gas Transactions - Treatises and Selected Articles

  • Owen L. Anderson, The Anatomy of an Oil and Gas Drilling Contract, 25 Tulsa L.J. 359 (1990).

  • Earl A. Brown, The Law of Oil and Gas Leases (1973- ). [4th Floor: KF1865 .B72]. Also available in Lexis.
  • Energy Law and Transactions (David J. Muchow & William A. Mogel eds., 1990- ). Seven volumes. Available in Lexis.
  • Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (formerly Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation), Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases (1964- ). [4th Floor: KF1865 .A6 R63]. Also available in Lexis.

  • John S. Lowe, Analyzing Oil and Gas Farmout Agreements, 41 Sw. L.J. 759 (1987).

  • Natural Gas Contracts (2009-2014). Available on Westlaw. Contains hundreds of gas contract terms and clauses as well as complete sample contracts.

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